Dancing Baby

Hi, how are you doing today? I thought I would show a video of my little girl. She dances every time she hears music. She is 10 months old here.

If you get this in your email click here to see the video.

Isn’t she cute? (I could say that, I’m her mother, LOL)
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Wellness Wednesday: "Water - The Stuff of Life”

If you are you suffering from any type of ailments?(There is a list below)You will want to read on.

Hiding Clutter with Your Decor!

Trying to have a neat house is always trying for me. Even when the house is neat, there is always that STUFF I need to have handy but I don’t want to see it all the time. So I am going to show you how we hide our clutter and incorporate it as part of our decor. I showed when we rearranged the family room and kitchen here.
The shelf in the corner with the two baskets holds our DVD player (very small black thing, on the first shelf, on the right) and the baskets…

Main Floor Renovation Part 4:Family Room and Kitchen Updates

Well it has been almost a year since we renovated our main floor. You could see that project here and here. I had been wanting to show the rooms totally done but they never got there. There is still trim work that needs to be finished and we were hoping to sell a house that we have staged with a good amount of furniture, and decorations, before I showed you the rooms, but just recently we had our third contract fall through do to financing. Please pray that we could find a buyer for our beautiful investment house.
This picture is from just after the floor was completed in March of 2011. The cabinet on the left has our old TV in it. IMG_2320

Guest Post: A Review AND Giveaway: Green Cleaner (Hey Ladies & Moms!)

Christa, a blogger friend, from “Our Little Bubble” is a sweet mother of four adorable, little boys. (One that is only 19 days old. He is so Cute!) She is doing a Review and Giveaway on her blog for me. 
Check out her Cute blog that has all kinds of easy, healthy, organic recipes, along with green living and crafty ideas for your kids.
Here are some before and after pictures she took for the review.

Organizing for 2011

Having a large family is all the more reason why it is important to organize your house and try your hardest to stay organized. We have 2 children married and 10 children are still living at home, so with us parents that makes 12 in one house. That means we need to have space for everything that all twelve of us have or use. We need beds for 12, closet and drawer space for 12, and space for everything else each person has accumulated. With every passing Christmas and birthday’s there seems to always be more and more added into the house. We do try and clear out thing twice a year by having huge garage sales. Needless to say though, we still have to be very organized. Here are the posts I did on organizing in 2011. I am sure I will have more on this topic in 2012. Click on the title or the picture to read the complete post.

Wellness Wednesday: Toxins in your home?

How are you doing today?
Are you suffering from headaches, sneezing, wheezing, watery eyes, itchy throat and thinking to yourself, "this isn't allergy season...what gives?"  Well, look no further than your own home or office for the answer!

Allergies 2

Recipes of 2011

Here are the few recipes I blogged about in 2011. Not many, I know, I am going to try and blog about more in 2012. I also plan on giving helpful and nutritional tips that I have learned through the years, and answer questions on cooking for a large family.

Click on the link or the picture to get the recipe that interest you.

Taffy Apple Salad


How to Peel Garlic in 10 Seconds

How to Make Dill Pickles


Beef Stew and Baby Food


Homegrown Peach Baby Food


Make your own Popsicle


Do you have any questions on cooking that I could add to the questions I already have, to blog about?

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The Best Projects of 2011

This is sad to say, but after a year of blogging I feel we are still noobies. (lol)  I feel  like I have to ask someone, often, about how to do several things concerning blogging. One of my goals for this year is to try and improve my blog and blog knowledge. I also need to improve my time management. Even when I use a schedule, it is really hard to follow because of all the unexpected things that come up in our busy life.
Here are some of our projects that we posted in 2011.  I hope you enjoy looking at them and I hope you leave some comments. I really enjoy reading what people have to say!
Click on the link or the picture to see the whole post.
Railing Makeover
My Parent’s Bedroom Makeover
My Parent’s Family Room Renovation
My Parent’s Kitchen Renovation
IMG_1111 (2)
How to Frame a Bathroom Mirror
Our Main Floor Renovation: Part 1
Our Main Floor Renovation:Part 2
Our Stairs Refinished
Painting an Unfinished Basement
Exterior Painting
[Front 1 resized[2].jpg]
A Kitchen Makeover
How to Epoxy a Garage Floor
2009 082
How we Installed a Brick Patio
My Parent’s Pink Bathroom Renovation
2010-05 059
Thank you for your interest and for following along. We still have a lot to learn and are excited for the new year.
We love to get comments so please comment below, also subscribe to our posts below, and like our page on Facebook.
Please leave the link to your favorite projects of 2011 in the comments section so I could check them out.
Let’s bring on the new year with several new projects, 2012.
Which of our projects do you like the best?
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Wellness Wednesday: Health Challenges Facing Baby Boomers

Because we are passionate  about creating healthier lives for everyone we have been looking for information that we feel could help everyone live a healthier and happy life. We found this article that deals with all kinds of health issues. These are reasons why we feel it is important to take control of your health.
baby boomers