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As we have mentioned before we have a business of renovating and remodeling homes. We will be posting on several of the houses. This is a house we bought fixed up and resold. We also stage the homes before selling them with items form our house, garage sales, estate sales and things our daughter, from House of Grace, picks up for us, also from garage sales.
We saw some potential in this home. It looks kind of spooky!
house front before cropped

We stained the outside, the porch, added shutters and trimmed up and added landscaping. It was a beautiful day when we took this picture. It looks fake, but this is what it really looks like.  What a difference!

Front 1 resized

Before picture of the back

090 (3)
After picture of the back
Back 1
Before 8-27-2009 224
Back 2
This house has a great rap around porch.
2009 592
These are the stairs out back.
Back steps
We even staged the porch.

2009 601
Another angle!

2009 600
As you could see the staining transformed this house.
What do you think? Would you have done anything different?
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Doug and Sharon Heasley
(Parents of a Dozen)
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  1. You did an amazing job. The house went from cute to outstanding. I can't believe how much work you put into it. The new owners have to be loving it.

  2. Um, HOLY AMAZING. GORGEOUS. That "house" has now become a complete HOME and is stunning!

  3. HOLY COW!!!!!!!!!! That is AMAZING! The 'After' look of the home looks so much more cheerful and inviting! You say you stained the exterior; what exactly does that mean? Did you put wood stain right over the paint? Or was it some kind of paint/stain blend? You guys truly amaze me with all you do. Parenting, transforming homes, etc.

    Andrea L.

  4. Thank you for your comments! We used a Sherwin William's Solid Color Stain. The house has cedar siding. A stain can be mixed in any color like paint, but is wears better than paint which tends to chip and peel.

  5. That house has some charm! I love it :)

  6. GORGEOUS!!! I love love love it!

  7. Great Blog! Seriously good stuff. Thank you for sharing.

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