How-to add Shelves for added Bathroom Storage

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We are always in need of storage space and we like to have things organized. So when we added these shelves I was so excited.
2012-07-09 How to add shelves for extra bathroom storage
We had this open space over the toilet that I realized I could utilize. I can’t believe I didn’t think about it years ago, and it was so simple to convert into shelf space.

I know there are a lot of houses that have a little separate area for the toilet like our so I thought I would show how easy it was.
We held the boards in the places we wanted them and used a level. When it was level in both directions, we used a pencil to mark under the boards on both sides so we knew where to attach the corner round with a power nailer.
shelves for bathroom over toilet 2012-06-24 002
We cut, primed, and painted a board that we already had. (Which was nice. No money spent on this project)
2012-06 shelves over the toilet 2012-06-23 004
We then just placed the boards on the corner round, and that was it.
2012-07-09 bathroom shelves and Johnathan's cut 2012-07-09 052
My daughter-in-law Ann Marie help in the arranging of the shelves.
2012-07-09 bathroom shelves and Johnathan's cut 2012-07-09 043
Now we have a place to store towels and wash clothes which is neat and decorative.
2012-07-09 bathroom shelves and Johnathan's cut 2012-07-09 061
We even found a wire basket, in the boys room, to hold our toilet paper.
2012-07-09 bathroom shelves and Johnathan's cut 2012-07-09 062
This shelf in the corner is how we were storing extra towels.
You could see how we keep our bathroom organized here.
With out the corner shelf also gives us more room.
2012-07-16 hooks for bathroom towels 2012-07-16 015

Now we have these wonderful shelves over the toilet which is in a nook, to the left, next to the window.
It gives the room a cleaner and sharper look without the corner shelves.
 2012-07-09 How to add shelves for extra bathroom storage
Do you have a spot where you could add some shelves?
How do you like ours?

Sharon  & Doug

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  1. Great, cheap, easy project. Love it! I don't have a nook, but I have been thinking about adding shelves to our bathroom over the toilet for awhile now. Thanks for the inspiration. And thanks for stopping by my blog. My your newest follower. :)

    1. Thanks for the comment. I love comments. I love to see when people care about the products they use.

  2. We have a similar nook in our tiny bathroom. This will give us so much more storage space! I am SO doing this! Thanks for sharing. :)

    Katie Parker from Guiding and Guarding Their Hearts

    1. Katie,
      I hope you do! It adds much needed space to an unused area. Let me know how it turns out.

  3. I love the basket over the toilet. Do you know what the kind of basket is called or where I can get one. Thanks!

    1. I am glad you like the basket, but I have no idea where it is originally from. Sorry! I am sure I got it from a garage sale. I took it from one of my other rooms when I was doing this room.


Thank you for your comments!

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