Cleaning Chocolate and Grass out of Clothes Safely!

Having 12 children we are always dealing with stains in clothes! It was nice to find an easy way to clean chocolate and grass out of the clothes.

Get Chocolate Stains out

Growing Green Onions: A Fun Project for the Kids

This is a fun project for the children to try. All of mine had fun watching the onions growing every day. So did I! lol!
This is what we did:
Cut the tops off the green onions and put rubber bands around the base of the onions and placed them into a bowl or a glass cup.
This is a picture after the first day for most of them and after a week for the onions on the right. (We wanted to try more.)

MY “Parents of a Dozen!”

I hope everyone had a happy Mothers Day.
The past several weeks we have been extremely filled with activities, which left no time to blog.
We finally closed on our investment house. Yay!!!! You could see all the things we had to move here.
This past weekend my nephew got married and we had family in from several states. This is a picture of my parents and their 12 children. (I am the 5th oldest)