Add Charm to the Back of a House

Three years ago we had a storm that came through our neighborhood and our trampoline blew into our house and damaged the aluminum siding, broke a window and ripped some screens. You could see how we rescreened the damaged screens here. Instead of replacing all the siding we choose to add an overhang, lights and shutters. We had the work done last fall and I am finally posting about it. I really like the new look and the benefit of having the overhang to block some rain. By having the break in the siding with the overhang we were able to replace sections of the siding and not have to replace all of it.

Add Charm to the back of the house with an Overhang and Shutters

Throwing a Party Country Style! Part 3: Food

Do you like to have themed parties? We have been to a few, had an awesome time, and decided to throw a Country Party for our daughter’s 16th birthday. Food is always a big part of our most parties and we wanted to stay with the theme of the party and serve what we thought of as good country style food.

To start with we had peanuts and popcorn as snacks to munch on. They were in cute containers everywhere for convenience and it added to the decor.

Food for a Country Party!

Corn Dipping: How to Boil, Butter, and Eat Corn on the Cob!

We love to have corn on the cob this time of the year. It is so fresh and tasty. This year the corn crops were good, so we have been able to buy the corn for 10 for a dollar. What a deal! It is a great side to serve at family cookouts and get togethers. The Corn Dipping is fun for everyone. (video below)

Corn Dipping