Add Charm to the Back of a House

Three years ago we had a storm that came through our neighborhood and our trampoline blew into our house and damaged the aluminum siding, broke a window and ripped some screens. You could see how we rescreened the damaged screens here. Instead of replacing all the siding we choose to add an overhang, lights and shutters. We had the work done last fall and I am finally posting about it. I really like the new look and the benefit of having the overhang to block some rain. By having the break in the siding with the overhang we were able to replace sections of the siding and not have to replace all of it.

Add Charm to the back of the house with an Overhang and Shutters

The trampoline blew into the back of the house and did some serious damage. The trampoline was mangled.


The trampoline broke a window and dented the siding in several places.



The Rainbow Play System was flattened. There must have been a mini funnel (tornado) that went through. We were able to see a path of damage and the swing set that was our neighbors, also a Rainbow, almost identical was not damaged at all and it was only 20 feet away.


As you could see there is a lot of damage to the siding,


the window,


and gutters!

IMG_9252When we started the work we were going to have the overhang stop just past the door where there was a break in the siding, but when the workers were almost done we decided we thought it would look better if we went all the way across with the overhang.


What do you think? Do you like the overhang half way or all the way across better?


We added shutters to complete the look. We love the way shutters add charm to a back of a house. I don’t understand why most houses don’t come with shutters on all the windows.


I had the contractor cut the shutter to make a mini one. I think it looks better with a small shutter than none at all.


We really enjoy having fires out back and the added overhang, lights, and shutters look so much nicer. We also like to add exterior lighting for added ambiance.



We added can lights and put a dimmer switch so we could have control over the brightness.


We added two sets of spot lights for night lighting, and so we can grill during the winter.



Now that the back is done we can sit out back and enjoy. We use our back yard all the time and we really enjoy the new look.





Just adding shutters would have made a huge difference. We did that to two flip houses and our old house. You could see the shutters on one of the flip houses here, although we added shutters on all sides of the house. We just think the added shutters is a relatively inexpensive way to add charm to a house.

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Doug and Sharon Heasley

(Parents of a Dozen)

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  1. This looks beautiful!! You guys never cease to amaze me with your home improvements!

    Andrea L.

    1. Thank you! I have so much more to post about. I just don't have much time lately. Hopefully soon!

  2. “…damaged the aluminum siding, broke a window and ripped some screens.” – That sounds awful. It’s really heartbreaking to see how a storm can ruin everything it passes by. But the past is in the past and repairing all the damage is one way to move on. Thanks to your family and contractor, all of it became possible.

    Dina @

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