A Merry Christmas Letter and Pictures

First of all we hope everyone had a very, Merry and Blessed Christmas. We would also like to thank all of our readers and Shaklee customers for their support and business, and pray that everyone has a Happy New year.
family photo

My Parent’s Pink Bathroom Renovation

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Have you ever seen a “Pink Bathroom”? That is what our family called our hall bathroom. You will see why we called it that below.
I also came from a family with 12 children. I never thought I would have the same. My husband and I did want a large family, and we were willing to accept whatever God would bless us with. We are very blessed to have twelve beautiful children and couldn’t imagine it any other way.
My parents had a house built, and moved in to it, in 1964. We had 3 bathrooms; one we called the yellow bathroom, one we called the pink bathroom and one we called the blue bathroom. (Could you imagine actually picking out these colors for the fixtures? My Mom did!) Well, they have been these colors for all those years. Until, last year while my husband was out of work, we did some updating,  remodeling, and renovations, at my parents house.  You could see the kitchen here, the family room here (the removing of paneling), how we removed wall paper here, and the bedroom here. Eventually, I will show you all the rooms we have done. My Mom is sooo happy with all the changes.

My dad was not very handy and to him, as long as something worked there was no reason to replace it. One of the reasons they agreed to have some things done to their house was the fact that it has been getting hard for my Mom to get around, and they were thinking if they had to move to a ranch there were definitely things that needed to be done to their house, to be able to sell it. 

This bathroom was one of the rooms we felt was very important to renovate for them.

This picture is one of the after pictures of their hall bath (It will always be the pink bathroom to me.)DSCI0234