Shaklee Athletes to watch for in the Olympics!

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I am not much of a sports fan myself, but I do enjoy watching the Olympics with my family. Another thing I like about the Olympics is that is gets the whole world joined for some competition and fun.  Not only are the people together actually playing the games themselves, but they come alive in just about everyone’s house through the TV, computers, and now on the go everywhere, with smart phones, giving updates.

  Troy Dumais

There are eight athletes that are a part of the Shaklee Pure Performance Team who have qualified for the Games in London. Let’s follow these athletes, and watch them bring home the GOLD!

How-to add Shelves for added Bathroom Storage

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We are always in need of storage space and we like to have things organized. So when we added these shelves I was so excited.
2012-07-09 How to add shelves for extra bathroom storage
We had this open space over the toilet that I realized I could utilize. I can’t believe I didn’t think about it years ago, and it was so simple to convert into shelf space.

Staining a Deck with Solid Color Stain

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2010-05 041
While my husband was out of work for a couple of years we flipped three homes and worked on some side jobs. One of the jobs we did was to renovate and update my parent’s house. Their deck was weathered and not looking too good.  Look at the before.

Railing or No Railing?

How was your 4th of July? Ours was very nice, but HOT!!! 
This is our house, and we have been contemplating the idea of taking out the railing. I like how it looks, but there are several reasons on why we would want to take it out.
2012-07-05 Porch Railing 2012-07-05 023 02