Tips to Healthier Living Series: Part Four, Nutritional Supplements

Hi, how was your weekend? We had a great time yesterday celebrating our son, Thomas’ eighth birthday. I can’t believe he is that old already.
I want to share with you today about why I supplement and why I use the supplements I do.
Healthier Living 6 Series

Cleaning the Grill!

With grilling season approaching, I thought everyone would like to see how we clean our grill.

We got this grill at a garage sale this past summer for $20.00. The family that was selling it was putting in a built in grill along with a new brick patio. Our grill we had thrown out, because it was no longer working and rusted through. As you could see it was not looking too pretty, so we brought out our trusty cleaners and got to work. Look at the before picture. Yuck!
How to Clean Your Grill

Moving Day!! Tons of Decor!

I hope everyone had a Happy Easter. This past Friday and Saturday we moved furniture, decoration, and staging items out of our investment home. We are scheduled to close on Tuesday, Finally! I pray everything goes well this time.
Several of our children helped in the move. 

Coloring Easter Eggs!

Coloring Easter Eggs is a tradition in our house. The children always look forward to it, at least some of them. (Depending on the age!)


Hallway Transformation!

I am so excided! We finally installed the hardwood floor that was sitting in our hallway for a year. (See the boxes on the left.) We used the flooring (3/4 inch thick tongue and groove hardwood) that was left over from our main floor. You could see a post on that here. It looks so much better! What do you think?

Wood Floor in Hallway before and after

Here is our hallway from both directions before the hard wood.