Main Floor Renovation Part 4:Family Room and Kitchen Updates

Well it has been almost a year since we renovated our main floor. You could see that project here and here. I had been wanting to show the rooms totally done but they never got there. There is still trim work that needs to be finished and we were hoping to sell a house that we have staged with a good amount of furniture, and decorations, before I showed you the rooms, but just recently we had our third contract fall through do to financing. Please pray that we could find a buyer for our beautiful investment house.
This picture is from just after the floor was completed in March of 2011. The cabinet on the left has our old TV in it. IMG_2320
Here is the sectional that we were using in the family room for a couple of years. It is really comfortable and has 4 recliners. I really like recliners! We also need a lot of seating which this sectional provides.

IMG_9190Before we had the hardwood floors we had to have our table this way, so having the sectional worked.

IMG_9198For Thanksgiving we took out the corner piece of the sectional and turned the table which provided more space to add an extra leaf to the table. I really like the openness of it and the change. So we decided to keep it that way for a while.
IMG_2202Here is our family room at Christmas 2011. We bought a new TV for the family for Christmas. We used some money we received as a gift from my wonderful in-laws. I think it is a bit big but my hubby and children like it. (Our old TV broke about 4 months ago. It was around 10 years old and was from Aldi.) Well, this caused us to rearrange the furniture. We were able to take out the large cabinet in the corner that held the TV.   The couch here is a sectional, 2 of the pieces were shoved stored in the basement.

IMG_0951Here are some night pictures of how we have it now. After we took down the Christmas decorations I wanted to try it with the couches we had in the basement. I don’t like the color any more, but they are recliners and they work in this space better than the sectional, and it is a change. We have had these couches for I think it is 19 years now. (When I bought them I wanted a fabric that would last, and these definitely have. I never thought they would last this long with so many children.) These things are heavy and the guys were not happy to have to take the sectional down and these recliner couches up. Well until we sell our other house we will be using these.
Here are some day pictures. (I really have to remember to change my camera settings, and work on which ones to use when.)
Here are a couple of different angles.
Here is Johnathan, the one who is always hanging around and wanting to help.
We added this ladder as a little decoration. What do you think about it? We will see how long it last with our crawler. She is actually doing pretty well with it so far.
This is what we added to the mantle. We didn’t know what to put there and it looked really bad with out anything on it. Do you have any ideas on what to put on the mantle with not much space?IMG_1019
This is another problem I need your advice on. How do we hide these cords? I have a couple of ideas but nothing that is that great.
Here is a view of the table area. I still have to move the light to the center.
This is the view from the kitchen. My husband likes how he could still see the games from a distance.IMG_1074
View from the family room.
I did put a few things on the cabinets. Here are some close ups. I really like having the cabinet lights. They give off a nice effect at night.IMG_0998IMG_0999IMG_1105IMG_1000Another look at the three different ways we have had our family room.
We really need to know what we should do with the cords, any ideas?
Parents of a Dozen
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  1. No ideas about the cords. I'm just in awe that you've had those couches that long. Your new look is great.

    1. Yeah! We used these in our family room for probably 16 of the years. I would have gotten rid of them a long time ago but I REALLY like recliners. We shampoo them occasionally and the Olefin fabric is indestructible. I wish I would have picked a different color. but when I picked forest green, it was the "IN" color.

  2. We actually have just finished working on this same issue but I haven't had time to post about it with a new baby just arriving. Our fireplace/brick runs the entire length of our wall though so it was a bit different. My husband ended up drilling a hole in the brick (where your clock was before would work) to run an outlet and then used an electrical fishing line to run the cables inside the wall to the side for another outlet. We bought outlets made for tv components and he added them to the current outlets in the wall to plug the dvd and cable box in. These outlets are cheaper online (I think we ordered from but we still had to go to radio shack. It took us awhile to figure this issue out but if you can do any basic wiring it was fairly easy. Hope this helped a little. If you have questions you can email me at kerrieratliff at hotmail dot com as I know it will be a little bit before I post about the process.

    1. Thank you for the information. I will have to see if we are able to do that with the fireplace behind the brick. Is your fireplace a wood burning, gas, or electric. The electrical would not be an issue.

  3. Ever thought about adding some trim? If so, this might be helpful for hiding those cords:

    1. Yes, this is one of my ideas. I am going to try and find something that would work.

  4. Where did you get your drapes and rods?

    1. I got them about 5 years ago at Big Lots. They were only $5.00 each!!!

  5. I really like the arrangement of the couches like this! And while I know that the color isn't what you want, they almost look turquoise in the pictures and kinda match the religious wall art on either side of the fireplace. It's amazing how a photo will make you realize that, because I don't think I would have ever noticed that in person.

    It looks really comfy, and definitely a big difference form the big sectional. Where did you get the couches?

    I'm not sure how I would disguise the cords, but I like the idea a previous poster brought up about using trim to hide them.

  6. Thank you, I like the change also. We bought the couches from JCPenny 19 years ago. I will have to try the trim idea to hide the cords.

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