Our Main Floor Renovation:Part 2

If you remember we were going to be putting in hardwood floors, on our main level of our house, when it snowballed into several HUGE projects. You could see Part 1 here.
Well we painted the ceiling in the kitchen and family room where it was bad and of course, hubby wanted to do the rest of the main floor ceiling while everything was torn apart and we had extra ceiling paint. It does look a lot better!!
We also finished lowering the arches which was very time consuming and a mess. We will be posting the details in a later post. This is so some day, we could put crown molding up. Before there was not enough room between the ceiling and the opening.
IMG_1922 IMG_2006
We took out the carpet and padding which included lots of dust, staples, and tack strips.
Then instead of taking out all the vinyl flooring, which is extremely hard, messy, noisy, and time consuming, we decided to put 1/4 inch plywood down, where the carpet was, to make it the same height as the floor.
IMG_1994 IMG_2005IMG_1995IMG_2009
We also decided on the middle color paint, which was actually, the darker color (BM Lenox Tan) and the lighter color (BM Shaker Beige) mixed together. I was trying to choose a color that would coordinate with the other two colors which I had in my foyer and powder room. I really like the color! (The new color is the color to the left of the fire place.)
We were able to strip and stain the steps. They are not great but when we put the finish on them and paint the trim I think they will look good. I don’t think they have to be perfect. You could see the process and finished stairs HERE.
IMG_2125 Our house was still under major construction and a mess, when we had to go off to the hospital, to have our 12th child. When we came home, we came home to a BIG SUPRISE. Our Son (his wife has White House, Black Shutters), and our Son-in-law (our Daughter from House of Grace) came over and along with 3 of our other sons,
075 076
bought and finished installing the plywood,
bought paint and painted the living room, hallway and the foyer, which is two stories. 
IMG_8856 IMG_2137
They also along with the rest of my children cleaned all the construction mess, organized our supplies, and cleaned the whole house. They didn’t want us to have to bring a new baby home into all the construction mess. My Daughter-in-law even bought flowers and displayed them around the kitchen and family room.  IMG_2139


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  2. Can I say I just love that pic of your husband and the boys? The house looks incredible!

  3. The boys really like to help whenever they can. It is so cute!


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