Our First Weekend With our New Baby, along with our 5 grandchildren

Wouldn’t you know that our first weekend home with our new daughter also included our 5 grandchildren.  Our oldest daughter and her husband had a chance to go on a trip (you could see pictures of her trip here) and had no one else to watch their 3 children. What’s three more? We came home from the hospital on a Sunday and we got their children on a Tuesday night until Sunday night.
Then on Thursday night our oldest son called. He had planned to go out of state to a friend’s wedding, with his wife, Friday morning, and their sitter they had lined up had to cancelled. So we told him to bring his two children over. What’s 2 more?
So needless to say that weekend was hectic fun. We had 10 of our children, and our 5 grandchildren, 7 were 5 and under. Fortunately our older children really helped out tremendously. Going from no diapers for over two years, to four in diapers was a big adjustment.
Here is our new baby (one week old) with her two nieces and three nephews.

These are all the little ones we had for the weekend.
All the children really had fun playing and spending the weekend together.
Every meal was an event in itself.
Everyone helped to feed the little ones.
Here’s grandpa watching a hockey game with one of our grandsons and grandma feeding another grandson.  

We all slept in on Monday morning.
Would you be up for this challenge?


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  2. You are all BUSY BUSY!! Congrats on the newest addition to your family. I am always in Awe of big families, especially when they are as well run and organized as your is! Blessed is a Man who's quiver is full! Blessings <3 Paula

  3. So much love and in one house. You are truely blessed.

    I write and maintain a spiritual blog which I have titled “AccordingtotheBook” and I’d like to invite you to follow it.

  4. I look at these pics and the first thing I think is "How much cuteness and snuggliness can you fit in one room!?!?!" So many cute faces and no doubt endless snuggles. :) You all are an amazing family! Love to read your blog! :)

  5. I loved reading this! What an amazing time that must have been!

  6. You guys are great Grandparents/Parents! :) I just love your blog!

  7. Okay, you need a tv show!!! a combo of a TLC and HGTV !!! I love it!!! Congrats on your newest addition!

  8. Sharon,
    I love it!
    "What's one more?"
    The more the merrier!
    My favorite: the new little one with her two nieces and three nephews.


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