Bringing Home the Bling: 2014 Sochi Olympics

Our family followed the Olympics for the last few weeks and were so proud to be associated with a great company like Shaklee, who had  24 athletes, 10 of which won medals, choose Shaklee for their health and performance products. Safe, effective, and easily available to everyone, from regular people, to weekend worriers, to Olympic athletes is what makes Shaklee so great.

We have trusted the Shaklee products for the passed 15 years for our family and we have never been healthier. Shaklee is the number one Natural Nutrition Company in the United States.

2014 Sochi Olymics Bringing Home the Bling

Healthier Living with Non-toxic Cleaners

Did you know that when you have conventional cleaners in the house, you also have a Toxic Brew in the house? We know a lot of people who are having many health issues that are directly linked to the cleaners that are in their home. We started using all natural Shaklee Cleaners 15 years ago and our children are healthy and our one daughter doesn’t break out in a rash anymore.

One of our favorite cleaners is the Scour Off paste. It is great for cleaning ovens, stove tops, sinks, tubs, cookware, and it did wonders on this tea pot.

Scour Off: Cleaning with no toxic chemicals and live a healthier life.

Parents of a Dozen Story

We are Doug and Sharon Heasley, “Parents of a Dozen!” Yes that’s correct, parents of 12 children. We have been married for over 30 years and couldn’t be any happier than the day we first met. We are the “High School Sweet Heart” couple.

Parents of a Dozen's Story!

We got married at 19, bought our first house that was really small and needed tons of work, had our first daughter at age 20, and had to have our friend buy beer for us if we wanted any until we were 21. Imagine that! But time has flown by and now we have three children married, two with families of their own, each having 4 children.

Our Daughter Got Married!!!

We have a new addition to our family! Our daughter, Elisabeth, got married and we have a new son-in-law, Brandon, and are so blessed to have such an awesome addition to our family. Now if you follow us on Facebook and Instagram you would have seen all the updates as they happened, a few months ago. I am behind on posting to the blog because we have been busy with many projects, along with some blog issues, and will be updating you hopefully soon.

This is a picture of our entire family minus our eight grandchildren. This includes our two wonderful son-in-laws and our beautiful daughter-in-law.


Thanksgiving Day!

Sorry, This is posting so late. I have been having problems with our website for weeks now and my domain name. It didn’t renew as I thought it did and a company bought it. I am in a long process to try and buy it back. Long Story! For now I have to use I hope I am able to buy it back, because right now all of my links go to .com, which is really messing up every post and all of my tabs. Sorry for the inconvenience! I thought I would post this anyway. Better late than never!

We have a lot to be thankful for; our family, friends, food, house, and a job. We have been very blessed through the years especially with all of our children. We feel that each and every one of them have been the the biggest blessing. We could not imagine what life would be like without them. They have been very good to us as well.

We had a small gathering for Thanksgiving. Our oldest daughter and her family were on vacation for the week and our oldest son and his family were at the in-laws house for Thanksgiving. So the day just wasn’t the same. below are some pictures from the day.


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