How to Paint Your Broom to Match Your Décor!

Two years ago we did some renovations/remodeling to our main floor and we went very neutral with our paint choices and décor. I like to change up our décor and add color with the different seasons and holidays. In the past when I had certain bold colors for our walls and curtains (burgundies/pinks and forest green, don’t laugh.) I really didn’t like to put out pumpkins in the fall, or spring decorations because they really did not match our house. At Christmas I never wanted a touch of red it had to be burgundy.  I really like having everything very neutral so I could make color changes with the change of seasons and holidays. For the spring and summer I  have been adding the color green to our décor. So with a few pillows, accessories, and a little spray paint I am able to refresh the kitchen and family room. Well, I spray painted my broom! I am going to tell you how and why I did this.

How to paint your broom to match your decor.

Pottery Barn Inspired Wine Bottle Centerpiece!

I have been changing things up in our house and have been meaning to post about them. I have all kinds of pictures and have started several post but I get in the middle of one post and never finish it. While I write this one I realize I never wrote my follow up post on our new couches and our Craig's List table and chair finds. I will get to those soon, but for now I wanted to show you our new Pottery Barn inspired centerpiece.


I really love the Pottery Barn store, but …

Our Daughter-in-Law is Being Featured in 5 Magazines

Our daughter-in-law, Ann Marie Healsey, is being featured right now in 5 magazines for her Mom Cave Makeover! She has a very creative blog that you are sure to enjoy.
White House Black Shutters Room Make over that is in 5 Magazines

Carrabba's Chicken Bryan

Today I am going to share with you an awesome recipe. If I saw this recipe I might not have ever made it, but after having it on my sisters weekend, I am definitely going to be making this. I can’t believe I haven’t made it yet. There is so much flavor, very easy to make and serve.

Carrabba's Chicken Bryan