How to Paint Your Broom to Match Your Décor!

Two years ago we did some renovations/remodeling to our main floor and we went very neutral with our paint choices and décor. I like to change up our décor and add color with the different seasons and holidays. In the past when I had certain bold colors for our walls and curtains (burgundies/pinks and forest green, don’t laugh.) I really didn’t like to put out pumpkins in the fall, or spring decorations because they really did not match our house. At Christmas I never wanted a touch of red it had to be burgundy.  I really like having everything very neutral so I could make color changes with the change of seasons and holidays. For the spring and summer I  have been adding the color green to our décor. So with a few pillows, accessories, and a little spray paint I am able to refresh the kitchen and family room. Well, I spray painted my broom! I am going to tell you how and why I did this.

How to paint your broom to match your decor.

Have you ever shopped for a broom? There is not a big verity of colors. I really like the broom I have, but I didn’t like the colors. (This is definitely my favorite broom. I bought it several years ago from Linens n Things.)


I found this green color spray paint that I really like and have used it to paint a several few things. I realized the can said that you could use it on plastics and I decided to paint our broom. I have sprayed other brooms black for my garage in the past, but they were metal.


It was really easy and only took a few minutes.

Steps to paint a broom:

  1. Sand lightly so the paint will adhere well.
  2. Clean the broom well with a house hold cleaner and hose out the bristles well. (I use our trusty Basic H.)
  3. Spray paint.

It dries to the touch in 20 minutes.



It is that easy and now I have broom that matches our décor.


Do you like it? Comment below.

Here is another post on how I added a little green:

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