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Why We Don’t Use a Microwave; Tips to Healthier Living: Part 3

We have not been using a microwave for the past 13 years now. When we started learning about health and nutrition, I learned how the microwave decays and changes the molecular structure of the food by the process of radiation, so we chose to not use it anymore and got rid of our microwave.
No Microwave

Fishing with the Younger Boys!

We have had the most unbelievable weather this past week, for the area where we live. All the plants are about a month ahead of schedule, the grass is green and we actually mowed our lawn this past weekend.

Last Friday we had a lot of rain and our boys collected probably 100 earthworms from the driveway, patio, and the sidewalks. They really wanted to go fishing and with the weather being so nice we decided to take the younger boys the the state park that is near our house to try our luck at fishing. We don’t really know much about it, but it was a nice outing and we all had fun.



Earn Money While You Shop!

Here is a way to earn money while you shop on line at your favorite stores.
Shop on line for cash back
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How to Make Natural Handy Wipes

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For at least 13 years, I have been making natural handy wipes and I love them. They are great to have around the house, bring in the car for trips (Short or Long), or keep some in a zip-lock bag in my purse.

Tips to Healthier Living Series: Part Two, Reading Labels

Today in Part two of my tips to Healthier Living Series, I am going to explain what I look for on a label and what ingredients I stay away from. You could read Part One here, if you missed it. It explains how I shop and start with the square.
When shopping the isles, the less healthy food choices, I usually read the label and check the ingredient list. You would think I would check the nutritional value of the item, but to tell you the truth, I don’t look at that at all. I look at the ingredients and the type of fat and sugar that is in the item.

Tips to Healthier Living Series: Part one

This being National Health Month I thought I would tell our story on how we are now living healthier. Around 13 years ago I started on a health kick. My family was having some health issues and I felt we were always at the doctor for some reason. I started researching and studying about health and nutrition and realized how the two were related and very important. You would think it would be obvious, but with everything that is advertised out there it is very difficult to know what is actually healthy and good for you, or what is not. Since then I have changed my shopping and cooking habits. I try and stay away from a lot of processed foods. (There are times I am better at this than others.) I also use purified water, and have changed all my cleaning products to safe, non-toxic cleaners. I didn’t do it all at once, I changed a little at a time over a couple of years. We also started taking high-quality nutritional supplements that are all natural, back with clinical proof. Since then I have not had to take the children to the doctor for any sick visits. We have been to the emergency room several times for injuries, but with 12 children and 7 of them boys things are bound to happen. I am not saying my children never get sick, we just get sick a lot less often and I am able to help them get better through nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.
During this series I am going to be sharing my tips on how we stay healthy.
Today I am going to give you my some of my shopping tips.
Fruits and Vegtables

How to Refinish Basement Stairs

Hi, how are you doing? I have been out of the computer world for the past couple of weeks. I have had a lot going on. One of the things I have been working on is our basement stairs.
How to Paint Basement Stairs