Outdoor Christmas Lights

Christmas is the one time of the year that brings joy to so many people! With all of the preparation, shopping, and planning, the Christmas Season can also bring stress!

We love decorating for Christmas and we have so many decorations. This year to simplify and make it less stressful, we only put a fraction of our décor out, and love the simple look!

The one thing I miss is our out door lights like we did a couple of years ago. We put lights on the whole house! This year we only have lights on the lower part of the house and some of the bushes. It was just too dangerous to have my hubby or boys climb all the way up to the high peaks of the house. I was going through old pictures and thought I would share them with you.  

Do you put Christmas lights out?
Do you go crazy with decorations?
You may enjoy seeing some of our other Christmas posts!

You may enjoy seeing some of our other Christmas posts!

Our Christmas Tree  (I can’t believe how different our décor was a few years ago)

Parents of a Dozen: Our Christmas Décor! (This is one of the years we went all out on our decorations!) 
Dec 2012

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