How We Clean our Dishes

With a large family we go through a LOT of dirty dishes, ugh, and usually do two dishwasher loads a day. Like most people I do not like to rinse the dishes before or have the time to. Ever since I started using Shaklee Get Clean Dishwasher cleaner I no longer have to rinse the dishes before we put the dishes into the dishwasher. This is a load of dirty dishes that sat overnight. We have a four year old Sears Kenmore dishwasher.




This is the Shaklee Dish Washer Automatic Powder Concentrate, that we will only use now.  It is the best cleaner on the market and is non-toxic.
We only use one of these little scoops in one of the compartments in the dishwasher. It calls for more but this is all we need. This bag last for a couple of months.
























Our days are so much easier, all we have to do is to put the dishes into the dishwasher and then just put them away. We also feel so much better not using toxic cleaner on our dishes that we put the food we eat on.
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The get Clean Starter Kit includes every thing you need to clean with. I would also recommend  the Scour Off and the Hand Wash.

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How to Patch Cracks

This is one of the cracks we found under the paneling we removed at my Parent’s house. You could read about that here. This is above the doorway in their foyer.
The first thing to do to repair a crack like this is to scrape off any rough spots. DSCI1023

A Very Large Snowman

Yesterday it snowed several inches and the temperature was right around 32 deg. F. So the weather was perfect to go out and play in the snow and make a snowman. Before this it has been WAY to cold to go outside. Everyone joined in and made this HUGE snowman. This is only the first part of it. Scroll down to see a 17 1/2 foot snowman.
Here are six of my children, my Hubby, and two nephews.
Here are 5 of my children and my Hubby.
Here are two of my girls and two nieces all having fun in the snow.
Three of my girls.
I should have taken pictures of the little ones, they were off making an awesome fort.
Sharon Heasley

A Goodwill Table Redo

Here is a table we got from Goodwill, for only $6.95. I forgot to take a picture of it before I started to prime it.
This is the table primed, with one coat. I only did one coat and I used Kilz 2 from Home Depot.
IMG_1277  IMG_1279
Here is the table painted and being used to stage a tv.
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My Parent’s Family Room Renovation


Here are my parents in their Living Room before we renovated it. Below there are lots of pictures of the different stages of the renovation.
2010-05 142

How to Remove Wallpaper

When we redid my Parents house we had several rooms that had wallpaper. We removed wall paper in the past and it is not fun. We have also used several products in the past to help the removal process. What we used the last several times was the Basic H Degreaser formula. Which is 1 tablespoon of the Basic H in 16 oz. of water. It worked great and no harmful chemicals. These are the before pictures of the rooms that had wallpaper. We will be posting about the complete redoes in the future.
We always called this the pink bathroom. Note the pink toilet and sink. The tub was pink also.

2010-05 165

How We Organize and do Our Laundry

We get a lot of people asking about the loads and loads of laundry we do.
How do you get all that laundry done?
How many loads a day do we do?
Who folds it all?
First of all, we have several hampers, some in each bedroom. Second, everyone has a certain day for their laundry, and the older children do their own. (Wash, fold or hang, and put away) They are also responsible for washing their own bedding and bath towels. If someone misses their day, they have to try and fit it in another day.
This is our (Mom and Dad) laundry hamper, we keep it in our closet, and have the clothes separated into whites, lights, and darks.  (lights are anything that is not all white or all dark) Our day for laundry is Wednesday.

My Parent’s Bedroom Makeover

I am the 5th of twelve children myself.  My mother is having a hard time getting around for the past year. Her leg has been hurting and they live in a raised ranch and the stairs are getting hard on her. My parents would like to move soon to a ranch and their house needed some major updating. You see the only updating they did to their house was to add wall paper, paneling and kitchen cabinets twenty years ago or more.
During the summer while the children were off school and we had some extra time. We decided to help my parents out and renovate their house. We wanted to do this so when they need to put their house up for sale they will be get a better offer. We would really like them to move out by us.
We will be showing some of the things we did and how we did them. Most of them are great projects for a do it yourselfer.
This is my parents bedroom before we removed the wall paper and painted. I actually put the wall paper up for her, probably 25 years ago. (I never thought I would be the one taking it down) Unfortunately,  I did not take pictures of the during,  We used non-toxic Shaklee Basic H to remove the wall paper. I will be posting about how to do that soon. (I took pictures of another room.)
BEFORE  2010-05 154