How We Organize and do Our Laundry

We get a lot of people asking about the loads and loads of laundry we do.
How do you get all that laundry done?
How many loads a day do we do?
Who folds it all?
First of all, we have several hampers, some in each bedroom. Second, everyone has a certain day for their laundry, and the older children do their own. (Wash, fold or hang, and put away) They are also responsible for washing their own bedding and bath towels. If someone misses their day, they have to try and fit it in another day.
This is our (Mom and Dad) laundry hamper, we keep it in our closet, and have the clothes separated into whites, lights, and darks.  (lights are anything that is not all white or all dark) Our day for laundry is Wednesday.

These are our son’s hampers in his closet. He has his own room, and has them also separated into whites, lights, and darks. This is a big improvement to the way he did it at college. He had two piles, one for dirty, and one for clean. He is actually pretty good about hanging all his shirts and folding his pants now. His day for laundry is Monday.
Our 16 and 15 year old boys share a room and each have their own hampers. Their day is Friday.
  IMG_1344 IMG_1345
The three younger boys share a room and share this hamper. I do their laundry most of the time, sometimes they will help, or one of the other children will help. I try and have them put their laundry away after it is hung and folded. Their day is Tuesday.
The three girls share a room and share these hampers. They keep them divided according to colors also. The problem we have with them, is who’s turn it is to do it. They each put their own clothes away.  Their day for laundry is Thursday.
I keep this hamper in the laundry room for kitchen, wash clothes, towels, and any other items of clothing that are left around.
These are baskets we keep above our washer and dryer, to hold clean wash cloths, towels and unpaired socks. We get a lot of those.
To try and minimize the amount of socks that are stray, we try and have everyone rubber band their pairs together when they take them off, and wash them that way. 
I only use Shaklee Get Clean Laundry products. We started using Shaklee natural products about 12 years ago and have been hooked ever since. My first product I was introduced to was the Nature Bright laundry booster and stain remover.  It uses natural enzymes and active oxygen to re-brighten laundry, de-stain upholstery, and more.  I had a hard time getting out stains when a friend told me about this product.
Not only are these products extremely concentrated, safe for your family, economical, they are also extremely effective.
One of our daughters gets a rash when she wears clothes that she gets from someone else that has not been washed first with the Fresh Laundry. She has very sensitive skin, and never has a problem with the Shaklee products. 



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  1. Wow... great system. You might want to look at a post/review I did awhile back on sock sacks. I love them. Each child has their own sock sack and they have to put their socks in it. Then you just zip them up and throw them in the washer, dryer and back into their laundry hampers or rooms. They get to match them! (lol) If they don't use their sock sacks they go into a mismatched basket... and the person who had the most unmatched socks in the basket last time.... gets to match up the basket when it gets full next time. It isn't a cure all....but certainly helps.

  2. oh.. and thanks for linking up to my Organizing Mission Monday link party!

  3. Great laundry system for such a large family. I have 8 kids and thought I was busy. I can't imagine 12. You're my hero. Thanks for linking to We're Organized Wednesday.

  4. I have one child. I cannot imagine 2. The idea of 12 makes me feel like I would suffocate and die. But, I'd love to have 11 bro's and sisters :) That sounds like a blast!

    1. Fortunately we had one at a time. It is not hard adding one at a time. I love it! Thanks for the comment.

  5. I don't even do the laundry, my husband does. But, our youngest is leaving for the Army Oct. 6 and she does her own. Then it's just the too of us and Sunday is our laundry day. You are well organized!

    Thanks for linking up to Throwback Thursdays.


    1. Thank you! It was fun linking up and checking out all the projects.


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