How to Remove Wallpaper

When we redid my Parents house we had several rooms that had wallpaper. We removed wall paper in the past and it is not fun. We have also used several products in the past to help the removal process. What we used the last several times was the Basic H Degreaser formula. Which is 1 tablespoon of the Basic H in 16 oz. of water. It worked great and no harmful chemicals. These are the before pictures of the rooms that had wallpaper. We will be posting about the complete redoes in the future.
We always called this the pink bathroom. Note the pink toilet and sink. The tub was pink also.

2010-05 165

This is the blue bathroom.

2010-05 173

You could see the after of this room here.

2010-05 154

 2010-05 141

Our daughter looks so excited taking off the wallpaper. She is actually a very good helper. This is when she was not spraying it enough. Not easy!


This is another during shot of the removal process.


Some wallpapers have a vinyl layer on the top. If it does it is usually easier to take the top layer off. You may be able to just peel it off.

There is always a layer of paper that is under the top layer.  Sometimes this layer will come off with the top if it was sprayed well. My sons who did most of the bedroom, which had the most wallpaper, told me that they were able to get whole sheets off at a time, if they sprayed well with the Basic H, waited 5 minutes, sprayed again, waited 5 minutes, sprayed a third time, and waited 5 minutes. Then pulled from the top or bottom. If they didn’t do that, it was really hard. They did a whole room in one day.
This is the paper left after the top layer was removed.


The key to the removal process it to spray the paper well and wait. If you don’t wait it will be much harder.

Then use a putty knife to scrape the wet paper off. Here we used a metal putty knife, but depending on the wall a plastic one may work better and won’t gouge the wall.


Sometimes you could peel off a large section at a time.


When the paper is removed make sure you wash off the adhesive well while it is still wet. Or you will have to go back and remove it later. If there is adhesive left, you should be able to feel it - run your hands across the walls.

Follow me to see the rooms in progress and their finished look. What a difference!

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  1. Thank you for inviting me over to your blog! I am now your newest follower. I laughed when I saw that I already follow both of your other daughter's blogs, small world!

    All I have to say about removing wallpaper is UGH. In our house currently someone put up some sort of grass weave wall paper, then painted over it! I'm not sure what we're going to do, it's going to be a nightmare though to get it off.

  2. I'm glad you came over to visit me, Bonnie was one of my first follower when I started blogging and I really enjoy reading her blog and for sure I'll enjoy reading yours too. Can't wait to see the progress with the house! Have a great week, Veronica

  3. I loathe removing wallpaper! I am so glad I saw this blog post before I started another wallpaper removal project. At first I tried spraying the remaining backing with just water. Then I tried with the B.H. degreaser formula. What a difference with the Basic H! I imagine the natural surfactants aid in breaking down the glue quicker and more effectively. With the multiple sprayings and being patient, I too was able to remove large sheets at a time. "Loathing" I was NOT! :) Thank you for the great tip!


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