A Very Large Snowman

Yesterday it snowed several inches and the temperature was right around 32 deg. F. So the weather was perfect to go out and play in the snow and make a snowman. Before this it has been WAY to cold to go outside. Everyone joined in and made this HUGE snowman. This is only the first part of it. Scroll down to see a 17 1/2 foot snowman.
Here are six of my children, my Hubby, and two nephews.
Here are 5 of my children and my Hubby.
Here are two of my girls and two nieces all having fun in the snow.
Three of my girls.
I should have taken pictures of the little ones, they were off making an awesome fort.
Sharon Heasley

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  1. This looks like soooo much fun ,my kids made a snowman once but nothing like this :)


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