Tip #13: 5 Easy Ways to Save on Your Food

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If you have been following us through all of our tips to get out of debt you will see how much you could be saving, and adding all of these savings together to really make a huge difference in paying off your credit cards, medical bills or other debts you may have.

We have always lived very frugal and have been able to stay out of debt just about our whole lives. One of the things that helps us stay out of debt are our shopping habits. Our food expense with 12 people living in the house is huge.  We use the tips below so we don’t waste food.

5 easy ways to save on your food

Tip #12 How to Save Money on Bottled Water

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We are back! We were on a vacation, which was awesome, I will post about it later. Sorry about being behind on our money saving tips. Our intent was to have post scheduled to go out, but that obviously didn’t happen. We know a lot of you are enjoying our tips to get out of debt, so we will continue with our them.

We love to have purified water and don’t trust the water coming out of the faucet, (We have well water with a water softener) but buying bottled water is not the answer for various reasons (mostly for your wallet).

How to save money on bottled water