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Finally, I was able to take some pictures. It is really hard to get every one home and cooperative. Well, not everyone was home and not everyone was cooperative. So this is what we got, not the best pictures. The children ask every year why we can’t take our pictures during the summer when their skin is tan from being outside for hours a day. (I agree, and say we are going to take pictures during the summer, and we never do) You see, I usually take pictures around Christmas to give both our parents and so I have at lease one decent individual picture of each of the children, each year.
Here we are, the Parents of a Dozen. (Number 12 is due on March 10th, 2011) We have been married for 27 years, love our children, and are very excited about our new addition.

IMG_6628 Unfortunately, my husband lost his job last year after 25 years due to out-sourcing.  So now, together

How We Cleaned our Grill!

We got this grill at a garage sale this past summer for $20.00. The family that was selling it was putting in a built in grill along with a new brick patio. Our grill we had thrown out, because it was no longer working and rusted through. As you could see it was not looking too pretty, so we brought out our trusty cleaners and got to work. This is the before picture.
2010-05 243
Here is the after picture!
2010-05 253
      2010-05 245
2010-05 251
Here is my husband and son cleaning the grill.

  2010-05 247
We used Scour off for the bulk of it and the Basic H Degreaser formula to finish it off.
This is the basic H bottle. For a degreasing formula you only need to add 1 Table spoon of the concentrated formula to 16 ounces of water.
Here is the after picture. It looks like brand new!
2010-05 2482010-05 252
Having a large family I am always concerned for the health and safety of my children. So almost 12 years ago I tried using these Shaklee cleaning products and have been hooked ever since. Not only are they extremely effective, they are extremely safe. There are cleaners for the dishes, laundry, and general house hold cleaning (which includes heavy duty cleaning). Their products are also very concentrated, and last a LONG, LONG TIME, so I only use a very little bit.
My daughter, Rachelle, gets an allergic reaction to other laundry detergents. She gets all red and itchy. We occasionally get clothes from other people and if we don’t wash them first, she breaks out in this rash all over.
Most cleaning products have very dangerous chemicals in them that lead to all kinds of health issues. Since I started using the Shaklee products my children are much healthier, and have not been on any prescription medicine.
I would recommend starting with the whole Get Clean Starter Kit.

I thought I would start with just a couple of the cleaning products but after using them I switched to all of the cleaning products. The best part is there is no risk, IF FOR ANY REASON YOU ARE NOT COMPLETELY SATISFIED, CALL SHAKLEE AND THEY WILL REFUND YOUR MONEY!

Our Christmas Tree

We decided to go with a real Christmas tree this year, the first time in the 27 years we have been married. We asked for some advise on what kind of tree to buy and we did some research. We decided to go with a Fraser Fir because it is supposed to be the best. They keep their needles on the longest and have stronger branches than most to hold up ornaments. Plus the branches are spaced enough so there is room to hang ornaments. We did not want to spent a lot of money so we went to Home Depot to get one. The worst part was you really couldn’t see what it was going to look like, because it came with all the branches in the up position. We couldn’t even pull the branches down because they were frozen. One of the sales persons then cut the bottom for us and wrapped it.
Once we unwrapped the tree and put it in the stand we had to let the branches thaw and drop.
This year we went with silver and red glittery ornaments. Most of them I got from my daughter the others I got from garage sales or the children made. I thought the red tied the other red accents I have in my other Christmas decor. (red twigs and berries)
IMG_6533 IMG_6535 IMG_6536 IMG_6537

The next two ornaments are ones that my children made for a St. Nicholas Day craft. You could see how here.
IMG_6538 IMG_6539  
This is the tree decorated. I think the shape turned out nice for a Home Depot  tree. I think we paid $36.00.
   IMG_6691  IMG_6693 
Our old tree we decorated and put in our basement. As you could see it is mostly gold and cream glittery. The advantage of using a artificial tree is you could move the branched to fit certain ornaments.
IMG_6696 IMG_6697  IMG_6700 IMG_6701 IMG_6704


IMG_6706 IMG_6707

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How we Keep our Bathroom Organized.

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With several children, it is very important to stay organized. One thing that we did in our hall bathroom, was to add a row of hooks.  That way each person has their own hook, for their own towel.  It makes it way easier to keep the bathroom neat.

2010 010

Christmas Ornaments

I did a craft the other day with the children. We made these two ornaments. They first made them at a St. Nicholas craft day with their school group. I really like how they went with the other ornaments I have and the children really like having ornaments they made on the tree.



These are the supplies we used. (Sorry about the color I had the camera on the wrong setting.)
    IMG_6549 IMG_6550
We cut these from old Christmas cards.
 IMG_6551 IMG_6552 IMG_6553 
We took the cup cake tin and flattened it. Then you glue a round piece of card stock and ribbon on one side and the picture on the shinny side.
IMG_6555 IMG_6556  IMG_6558
Then spread School Glue on top of the picture, and finally sprinkle clear glitter over the glue and let it dry.
IMG_6559 IMG_6560   IMG_6563
This pine cone ornament is even easier. First tie a ribbon with a hook on the top. Then spread glitter glue on the edges. I like these because they add a natural but sparkly look to the tree.

     IMG_6569       IMG_6577


    IMG_6640 IMG_6641 
I will show you more of the tree later. What kind of ornament have you made?

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