How We Cleaned our Grill!

We got this grill at a garage sale this past summer for $20.00. The family that was selling it was putting in a built in grill along with a new brick patio. Our grill we had thrown out, because it was no longer working and rusted through. As you could see it was not looking too pretty, so we brought out our trusty cleaners and got to work. This is the before picture.
2010-05 243
Here is the after picture!
2010-05 253
      2010-05 245
2010-05 251
Here is my husband and son cleaning the grill.

  2010-05 247
We used Scour off for the bulk of it and the Basic H Degreaser formula to finish it off.
This is the basic H bottle. For a degreasing formula you only need to add 1 Table spoon of the concentrated formula to 16 ounces of water.
Here is the after picture. It looks like brand new!
2010-05 2482010-05 252
Having a large family I am always concerned for the health and safety of my children. So almost 12 years ago I tried using these Shaklee cleaning products and have been hooked ever since. Not only are they extremely effective, they are extremely safe. There are cleaners for the dishes, laundry, and general house hold cleaning (which includes heavy duty cleaning). Their products are also very concentrated, and last a LONG, LONG TIME, so I only use a very little bit.
My daughter, Rachelle, gets an allergic reaction to other laundry detergents. She gets all red and itchy. We occasionally get clothes from other people and if we don’t wash them first, she breaks out in this rash all over.
Most cleaning products have very dangerous chemicals in them that lead to all kinds of health issues. Since I started using the Shaklee products my children are much healthier, and have not been on any prescription medicine.
I would recommend starting with the whole Get Clean Starter Kit.

I thought I would start with just a couple of the cleaning products but after using them I switched to all of the cleaning products. The best part is there is no risk, IF FOR ANY REASON YOU ARE NOT COMPLETELY SATISFIED, CALL SHAKLEE AND THEY WILL REFUND YOUR MONEY!

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