Our Christmas Tree

We decided to go with a real Christmas tree this year, the first time in the 27 years we have been married. We asked for some advise on what kind of tree to buy and we did some research. We decided to go with a Fraser Fir because it is supposed to be the best. They keep their needles on the longest and have stronger branches than most to hold up ornaments. Plus the branches are spaced enough so there is room to hang ornaments. We did not want to spent a lot of money so we went to Home Depot to get one. The worst part was you really couldn’t see what it was going to look like, because it came with all the branches in the up position. We couldn’t even pull the branches down because they were frozen. One of the sales persons then cut the bottom for us and wrapped it.
Once we unwrapped the tree and put it in the stand we had to let the branches thaw and drop.
This year we went with silver and red glittery ornaments. Most of them I got from my daughter the others I got from garage sales or the children made. I thought the red tied the other red accents I have in my other Christmas decor. (red twigs and berries)
IMG_6533 IMG_6535 IMG_6536 IMG_6537

The next two ornaments are ones that my children made for a St. Nicholas Day craft. You could see how here.
IMG_6538 IMG_6539  
This is the tree decorated. I think the shape turned out nice for a Home Depot  tree. I think we paid $36.00.
   IMG_6691  IMG_6693 
Our old tree we decorated and put in our basement. As you could see it is mostly gold and cream glittery. The advantage of using a artificial tree is you could move the branched to fit certain ornaments.
IMG_6696 IMG_6697  IMG_6700 IMG_6701 IMG_6704


IMG_6706 IMG_6707

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  1. What beautiful ornaments you have on your tree. Merry Christmas!

  2. It looks beautiful! Glad you guys were able to get a real tree this year, can't wait to see it in person! :)

  3. LOVE the tree! Can't wait to see it soon!
    Bonnie :)

  4. It's Beautiful! you should post it on my linky party! http://goodbyecityhellosuburbs.blogspot.com

  5. Your tree is beautiful! Nothing beats the smell of a real tree.


  6. Thanks for joining the party!

    Merry Christmas!


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