Spring Cleaning Safely with Little Helpers

It’s that time of the year again when I get in the mood to thoroughly go through and clean out every section of the


house.I have a garage sale to help get rid of things we no longer need or want. I could just donate everything, but why not make some money and then donate what is left over. It is usually easier to get rid of something if you know you are going to get some money for it.

I like to have a CLEAN house. The family has their daily and weekly…

Sports Sunday:Youth Workout for Shoulders and Arms

Welcome to Sports Sunday! My name is Doug Heasley and I’m going to post informative, educational, and fun material which will help you and your children become a better coach and better athletes . I’ve been fortunate enough to learn a lot of skills, tips, and techniques from some great instructors throughout my life. Since my wife is not the biggest sports fan, actually she is not a sports fan at all, I feel compelled to share my love and knowledge of sports with all of you. I look forward to you joining me on my “Sports Sunday” journey.


Sport Sunday Button

I have played sports my entire life and consider myself a pretty good athlete.

Our St. Patrick’s Day Dinner Tradition

How was your weekend? What did you do for St. Patrick’s Day? Do you have a special meal you make for St. Patrick’s Day? We do! Ever since I was little we have ALWAYS had corned beef, cabbage, and potatoes. It is kind of like having turkey for Thanksgiving and ham for Easter, it is just what we do and the children always look forward to it. It is the only time of the year we have corned beef. Read on to see how much we make and other traditions we have.

An Awesome Time in Texas with my Sisters!

Last week I spent 5 days at my sister’s house in Houston with all 8 of my sisters and 1 sister-in-law. We all missed our other two sister-in-laws. (Yes, my parents were parents of a dozen also.) Wow, what a week! We all took time out of our busy schedules to fly out of state to get together. Could you tell which one is the sister-in-law and me?