How we Have a Garage Sale

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Spring is here and that means GARAGE SALE TIME for us. I like to go to garage sales. Just about everything we have is from a garage sale, estate sale or Goodwill. To buy new clothes for everyone would cost a fortune. I also have fun decorating with all my garage sale finds. We also use the things we buy to stage houses. It is easier to part with things, when I get tired of something, find something better, or when the kids out grow their clothes, when I don’t pay full price
I also have two garage sales a year, one in early spring and one late in the fall. Today we had our spring sale. We have been trying to go through things the last several weeks. Having a lot of children it is necessary to keep things somewhat organized and de-cluttered, and it was time to clear out again.
Onto having a garage sale: The first thing we did was to clean out the garage, ugh. It was filled with our construction mess from doing our renovation.

Saw dust everywhere!
Then we collected our boxes and things we were going to try and sell from all over and put them in the garage. We set up tables (my husband was able to purchase these, from the company he worked for, when they were shutting down.) to display the items.
IMG_2527 IMG_2529IMG_2528IMG_2509IMG_2530IMG_2532IMG_2531
We also used a board on top of bins to make a table.
I like to hang most of the clothes. We use weight bars and an old gas pipe hung with rope from the ceiling, which is hanging from bike or utility hooks.
Here are some pictures at the end of the first day, really cleared out. Of course, I forgot to take pictures of the beginning of the day. We always have the sale two days, Friday and Saturday. Friday, to get all the true garage salers (they never go on the second day, because everything gets picked over) and Saturday to get the people who work on the week days or people who stop from the signs.
We then put old table clothes and sheets over the tables to give it a cleaner look and to hide the empty boxes and bins.
We did not have time to price the clothes individually so we just put out a big sign. We also use a money pouch, so we don’t accidently leave the money by its self.
We line up all the shoes.
We separate the men’s, women’s, and children’s clothes. We also separate by size. (These are not all our clothes,  a few other people brought clothes over to sell also.)
We even hang all the purses and bags. We sold several already.
We organize the tables by types of items.
IMG_2584 IMG_2585        
I use the same signs for years. I use neon poster board with a “Marks-a-Lot” permanent marker. We fold the poster board over an old political sign and then staple and tape it in place with packing tape. Keep the signs simple, and the more signs the better (I use eight).  I also use flags by our house and coming into the neighbor hood.

Having these garage sales really help us clear out, and we make money at the same time.
Update: After the second day we boxed everything up. These are the only things we had left, and we are going to donate to some charitable organization.
Have you ever had a garage sale? How did it go?
Have a nice day!
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  1. I always want to have a garage sale, but it falls through due to lack of planning! I just don't know how to put one on! Thanks for posting this - this will make it helpful for me to have one next month!

  2. I'm so glad I saw this tonight! My kids have talked me into a garage sale this weekend -- and I *hate* garage sales!!! But, my one neighbor has been bugging me for almost a year to have one with her and we are hoping to move soon so we have stuff to get rid of. I'm letting the kids price and sell everything. . .I don't really care. Usually my husband and I just box up the stuff and give it to Goodwill or find someone who can use it. The kids have a goal of buying a new basketball hoop with their earnings so I'm hoping that they make a little $$ for that. My friend and I did put fliers around the neighborhood asking others if they wanted to participate so we could advertise it as a neighborhood event (there are 53 houses in our subdivision) and 6 other people said yes, they'd like to do it too, so maybe we'll get some traffic :)
    Thank you so much for your suggestions. . .esp. about using boards and bins as "tables" and covering them with white sheets. I don't think I'll hang my clothes just because that would be too much effort at this late date in the game, but it's a great idea. And I was planning on doing all the clothes for one price too (I think I will shoes too). . .sigh. It's a lot to think about. Good for you, doing it as often as you do!

  3. I featured your garage sale at

    Great directions! You are so inspiring. :)


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