Spring Planting

About five years ago we moved to an acre lot. We use to live on only 1/4 acre. We really enjoy having the extra space for the children to play, but we are on a corner lot and we wanted to have a little blockage from the road so we had planted some oak and pine trees. A few weeks ago my husband found a deal on 7-8 ft. trees at Home Depot, for only $40.00, so he bought a couple to fill in some gaps. The root balls of these trees were huge. We had Home Depot put them in the back of our van with a fork lift. My husband backed the van up to the spot where we wanted them planted. Then my husband and sons pulled them out of the van, down a board, right next to the hole.

Here is the digging clan and a few just observing.



Here is our biggest helper. He always wants to help. Let’s see how long that lasts.

 IMG_2524 IMG_2525

Everyone in action.


I took these pictures a couple of weeks later. See how much greener the grass is.


What a great day!

Some day these trees will all fill in.


I was so excited to see the nice weather and I can’t wait to get out to do some yard work, and plant our garden. Here you could see the parsley is starting to grow. I used paint sticks and a permanent marker to mark my seasonings.


The chives have grown, and we already have cut some to use.


I can’t wait either to see my flowers bloom. These are some Irises.


This next picture was taken the next day, which was just last week, April 18th. The weather has been yucky ever since then. I guess I will have to wait to plant my garden.


Have you been able to plant your garden yet?

Have a nice day.

Parents of a Dozen

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