Cleaning Carpets Safely

My carpet is about 10 years old. We have been in our house for almost 5 years now, and our carpet gets a lot of wear with all of the kids in our house, along with friends over, often.  We have not cleaned them in a while, and they were in dyer need of a good cleaning. Our old Hoover shampooer got a hole in the hose and was going to cost a lot to have repaired, so my in-laws bought us this new one, that I really like. It seems to have more power than the old one. (You could see the dirty water in the tank, yuk!)


I don’t like using toxic chemicals in my house, especially with all the little ones around. I use 1 tablespoon Shaklee Organic Basic H and one scoop of Shaklee Nature Bright mixed in the water. This shampooer has a separate section for the cleaners, but I didn’t use it. The 2 of the products together worked wonders with NO TOXIC chemicals. I sometimes also add 2 teaspoons Shaklee Basic G, if I feel I need to disinfect, which would be great for families with pets.


Before:This is my boy’s carpet and it had a lot of spots on it from who knows what.


The shampooer has a hose with attachments on it. I use it on the spots that didn’t come totally out, with the over all shampooing.


This attachment has spinners on it to deep clean.


After: Much cleaner!


Before: This is another room. Look at the traffic pattern. (How embarrassing!)


After: You could still see that the carpet is worn, but it is much cleaner.


This is the area right by the door way, on the left, that was the worst.


Would you like to have clean carpet that is safe for the family?

To order go to our Shaklee web-site.

Parents of a Dozen


  1. I love my shaklee cleaners! I can't wait to try this in my shampooer my carpets are terrible!

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  3. I am new to the Shaklee cleaning products, and love learning all the ways to use them! It doesn't end! Thanks for following!

  4. We just bought the same steam cleaner after reading your post and it leaked everywhere. I was wondering if you had the same problem or if it was just us? Thanks! :) Erin

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