Spring Cleaning Safely with Little Helpers

It’s that time of the year again when I get in the mood to thoroughly go through and clean out every section of the


house.I have a garage sale to help get rid of things we no longer need or want. I could just donate everything, but why not make some money and then donate what is left over. It is usually easier to get rid of something if you know you are going to get some money for it.

I like to have a CLEAN house. The family has their daily and weekly…

chores to do around the house, but there are things that need to be done occasionally that are not done each week. Having a clean house also means washing everything thoroughly with a non-toxic cleaner. I have been using this kind for 14 years and I like knowing that our house is not polluted with toxic chemicals.


I have little helpers that are more than willing to help (at least some of the times) and I feel confident that they can help and are not going to be endangered with chemicals and toxins like I use to feel before I started using these safe cleaners.


Here I am having the boys clean the baseboards. I like to use an old tooth brush to get into all the cracks. I did touch up the paint after they were done. It is always nice to have the paint freshened up occasionally without having to repaint everything.



Mary always wants to be doing what everyone else is doing.






Here is a short video of her helping clean the baseboards.

Another thing I noticed our family is healthier without all the chemicals in our house.

I use the entire Get Clean Kit. They are very concentrated and you only need to use very little. With the amount she was spraying it’s a good thing it only cost a few cents per bottle.

So get started on your spring cleaning and this year switch to healthier non-toxic cleaners and start changing your health for the better. Get the toxins out NOW like we did!

Wouldn’t you like to clean safely, effectively, and at an inexpensive price?

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  1. Mary is adorable and a great little helper! Her brothers are q t pies too!

    1. Thank you! It is nice how the little ones always want to do what the older ones do even if it is cleaning.


Thank you for your comments!