5 Important Tips for a Perfect Practice for Today’s Young Athlete

Practice is an essential ingredient for any successful team. But not just any kind of practice, but productive practices with everyone on the team working hard and concentrating on doing things correctly, from coaches, to players, to parents. Remember, practice does not make perfect, practice makes actions permanent. Only perfect practices makes perfect.


It has been proven that for every time you do something wrong or incorrect, you have to do it right seventeen (17) times to get your brain oriented to doing it right or correctly.

With that said, here are 5 guidelines for players (and parents) to follow:

1. Be at the field, mentally and physically ready to practice, at the scheduled start time. There will be a small time slot to stretch, jog and warm-up, so you should do whatever extra personal stretching or warming up you need prior to the beginning of the team practice. Also, be prepared to pay attention and learn during practice time.  The coaches are giving you their time and effort during practice, be prepared to do the same. Your “play time” is after practice!

Keep these Very Important 4 things in mind...

· If you're early, you're on time

· If you're on time, you're late

· If you're late, you're probably running

· Great athletes come early and leave late. Prepare yourself to be a great athlete!

2. Dress warmly, or bring plenty of warm clothes. It can, and frequently does, get cold during practice. Make sure you have the proper clothes so that you don’t get cold, and therefore, unable to get a good practice in. Stuff extra clothes into your bag, there’s usually extra room. Always prepare for the unexpected.

3. Always bring your water bottle/Sports Drink to practice. The coaches will always give you plenty of opportunity to hydrate your body. It they don’t or forget, remind them that you need a drink. They won’t get mad; they usually just get wrapped up in the practice and forget. I highly recommend Performance by Shaklee! No artificial flavors, sweeteners, dies or preservatives. It’s all natural and what my kids drink. Water is also good. Skip the pop and soda, which is doing more harm than good.

4. Always hustle. One thing most coaches will work towards is this: if a ball rolls to a stop on the field because no one hustled after it, then everyone should expect to participate in some sort of physical activity, i.e. running. It’s also a bad habit to walk on the field or on the court. ALWAYS Run to your position and ALWAYS run off the field or court. Coaches always notice who hustles and who doesn’t!

5. Please let coach know in advance if you will miss a practice.  Coaches plan practice activities based on how many players will attend and who is attending. Be courteous and let the coaches know in advance so that they can prepare a constructive practice session. It’s for the entire teams benefit.

Follow these simple rules and you will be on your way to becoming a Great Athlete!

Does your athlete follow these guidelines?

What additional tips do you recommend?

See you next Sunday!

Coach Heas

(Dad of a Dozen)

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