How to Paint a Perfect Edge Every Time!

I am painting again! Our bedroom needed to be updated, and paint is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to change a room or should I say makes the biggest impact. It is not always easy.
Do you paint?
Do you want to?
I have been painting for 30 years. We have owned and painted four houses we lived in (multiple times), three we flipped, two we renovated and helped others paint. I am always learning new tricks, and would like to share with you some tips I have learned along way.
One of the hardest parts of painting is getting a straight edge to give it that professional look.
When I started to paint I used painters tape all the time. It makes a nice straight edge, but it definitely has its disadvantages.
  1. It takes a lot longer to prepare to paint.
  2. It costs more than if you didn’t have to use it.
  3. The paint sometimes gets under the tape. Then you have to repaint where the paint leaked.
  4. If you don’t take the tape off while the paint is still wet, it is harder to remove.
I learned how to paint free hand and I do a very good job at it, but I found a way that gives me a perfect edge every time and is really fast and easy.
Look how nice the edges look!
How to paint the perfect edge every  tme!
Every edge is perfect! Read More to find out how to get this edge…

I use the edger shown below. I bought my edger several years ago, but while I was in the paint department I thought I would take a picture to show you it only costs $5 and if you clean the pad out well it will last for several jobs. They sell replacement pads also. (Buying tape for each room adds up $$.)
Sure-line Edger

Here is a short video of how to paint a perfect edge every time. (Only 3 min. long)
Here are several tips you need to know in order to use this edger and get the perfect edge!
  1. Don’t get to much paint on the pad. This is the most important!
  2. Use a paint tray with the little bumps on it (like the one below).Paint tray
  3. Roll a small amount of paint up onto the bumped area.
  4. Dab the paint edger into the paint gently.
  5. Keep the rollers clean.
  6. Keep a damp rag handy.
  7. If you get too much paint on the pad, get excess off by either spreading it on a wall area or if there is really too much, wash, dry, and start over.
  8. Don’t leave a thick edge from the back end or a ridge will show when you are done.
  9. If you get interrupted for any amount of time put the pad on the paint in the bumped area and then put the whole tray in a kitchen trash bag.
I am letting you know all these tips because I learned the hard way Sad smile and got frustrated several times. This is not hard to do once you know these tips. I have my teens edging for me sometimes. If they can do it, so can you!
Be sure to watch the video to see how to use this edger and to see these tips in action.
If you follow these tips you will have the perfect edge and this makes painting faster and more enjoyable.
Does this make you want to try this edger?
This is not a review for this product. This is just something I like to use and I am not getting anything for this.
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Sharon Heasley
(Parents of a Dozen)
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  1. Thanks for the video!! I have used this edger once and had issues. I am going to try it your way next. Thanks again!

    1. I know it will be better for you. Just follow my tips.

  2. thanks for the video! i need to get one of those asap!!

  3. Now this little sucker could be very handy. I don't mind painting a room at all, it's the taping and cleaning up the edges that I dislike. This definitely just went on my list. THANK YOU.

  4. Going to try this next time, we hate all that prep time with tape! The video was really helpful.

  5. What color is the new paint you are applying? Love it!

    1. I really like this color. I will be showing the whole room soon the color is a Sherwin William's paint, Balanced Beige.

  6. Great painting tip with minimum touch ups ...I love it, thanks for sharing.

  7. where can i buy one of these ?? please?

    1. I bought mine at Ace Hardware, but I took that picture at home depot. You could check any home center in the paint department.

  8. Does it work with textured walls and ceilings?

    1. I don't know about that. I think it depends on how textured they are, because the nap on the pad is not very long. Sharon

  9. Good One mate..great informative blog. I am going to subscribe it. Thanks. real estate in Charlotte North Carolina

  10. Good One mate..great informative blog. I am going to subscribe it. Thanks. real estate in Charlotte North Carolina

  11. Wish I had seen this last week. I just painted my daughter's bedroom. I taped everything off, which always takes so long. I'm doing it your way next time.

    Thanks for linking up to Throwback Thursday.

  12. I have that same edger and yes it does work like a charm!!

    Thanks for linking up to Throwback Thursdays.


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