How to Frame a Bathroom Mirror

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I showed you how we organize our bathroom here. Below is one of the pictures I showed, and got some requests to show how we framed our mirror. We have framed several mirrors, shown below. Some of the frames we used mitered corners, and some of the frames we used straight side cuts with square corner pieces. The second way, is WAY EASIER.

The first thing to do, is to choose a casing to use for the frame. We used several different styles and kinds, the easiest to use is the MDF. The wood ones tend to warp, especially in a bathroom.
In this frame we mitered the corners, glued and then used a power nail gun to hold the corners together. We then caulked the corners, touched up the caulk with paint, and then we attached the frame to the mirror, using the method shown below.
Normandy 386

   Normandy 387
Here are pictures with and without the frame.
(We always use Shaklee Basic H to clean the mirrors. It works great, leaves no streaks, is super concentrated, is inexpensive and safe for our family.)

 Normandy 389Normandy 410
When painting the casing, make sure you either prime, or buy primed boards, then paint them the color of your choice.
It is also important to paint the edge of the back side of the casing, that will be on the inside edge of the mirror, or it will show in the mirror, when it is installed. IMG_1630
These are the corner pieces, that we used for some of the mirrors, which made it easier to install, and I like the way it looks better.   IMG_1633
We use double sided sticky tape, to attach the frame or pieces to the mirror. We bought this roll of tape from a garage sale, for 50 cents. I would think you could buy some of this double sided sticky tape in craft stores, or department stores that sell crafts.   IMG_1637
Apply the tape, remove the plastic covering, and then apply to the mirror. Make sure you place it in the right spot, because it is not easy to remove. IMG_1640 Repeat for each piece, caulk the adjoining pieces, and touch up with paint, if necessary.

Here are some more pictures of mirrors, without and with a frame. Normandy 391
Normandy 404 Before2010-05 165 AfterDSCI0234Before and After
2010-05 158 IMG_1074 
Before and After
2010 017 IMG_8084
Before and After
 2010 014 IMG_7759
How to Frame a Mirror
Do you think the frames are an improvement?
We will be blogging about some of these complete bathroom makeovers, in the future.

To see how to paint the cabinets go here!

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  1. I love the frames!! Since they have a sticky back you could just remove it right?

  2. Are the frames an improvement?

    Is there really a question?

    Without a doubt, 100%, absolutely for SURE!!!

    You did a great job. You've inspired me!

  3. Such a huge difference! I love the new look!

  4. The tape that we used is really sticky and would be hard to get off. But we would think you could get it off. We haven't wanted to.

  5. Beautiful! I've been wanting to do that, and never thought of the sticky tape. Were your mirrors held on to the walls with the clips that stick out? That is my biggest stumbling block. I don't want to remove them and glue the mirror onto the wall.

    1. If you have clips then you can match up the frame to the mirror and find where the clip is and mark it on the frame. Then you can use a utility knife and put a few slits in the wood and then chisel out some chunks. You will then be able to put the frame on with out gluing the mirror to the wall.

    2. Thanks for Sharing! This is a very good idea!

  6. All of the mirrors we framed did not have the clips. That would be a problem, especially if you don't want to glue the mirror to the wall. If you decide to glue it, there is special glue, that is like liquid nails, that is made for mirrors.

  7. I absolutely despise the mirrors in each of the bathrooms in our house, but I love the size because they make the room look so much larger. I am so glad that I stumbled upon your blog on how to dress them up. Thanks for the tutorial!

  8. This looks so fantastic and you make it sound so easy! I really need to try it. Makes a huge difference!

  9. Do you have a gap on any side of the mirror that doesn't butt up against the wall? It would seem to me that if you place the frame on the mirror without making any type of groove, it would stick out and you could see the side of the bare mirror under the frame.

  10. Some of the mirrors we did were not against the wall, we just made sure that the frame came enough over the end of the mirror so you didn't see the edge. (Only about an inch.)

  11. It's funny to see the season change in the last picture :) The mirrors make a *huge* difference, for sure!

  12. please share what method you used to paint your cabinets. I am wanting to paint my bathroom and kitchen cabinets and wanted to know how you did yours. And if they are holding up well and if you still like how they look.
    Thank you,

  13. I will try and post on this soon. If the cabinets are prepared properly and you use a very high quality primer and paint then it will hold up great.

  14. When you used the corner piece for framing what kind of molding is that? I like the straight cuts involved with those!!

    1. The corner piece is MDF Rosette block moulding from Home Depot. I like to use the MDF instead of wood for this project because it doesn't warp.

  15. That is certainly an improvement! Sometimes it’s the little things that make a huge difference. Framing mirrors could make the place look more modern, particularly in bathrooms where the frames complement the sink and countertops. Those improvements are simply brilliant!

    Lynne Hollaran @ Suburban Glass

  16. Did u put the wood pieces over the mirror or above the mirror on the wall?

    1. Both, it covers part of the Mirror, but also extends over the wall. We wanted to make it as large as possible.


Thank you for your comments!