How we Organize our Laundry/Mud Room

Here is our laundry room, which we have a hard time trying to keep clean.IMG_8613

On the left side of the room we have hooks and shelves. Each child has their own hook, which they keep their snow pants and jackets on.
Under their hook, there is room for their boots and two pairs of shoes. Extra shoes are supposed to have to stay in their room.
Over their hooks, on the shelf, each person has a basket for their own hats and gloves.
On the right side of the room, we have our washer and dryer and we installed cabinets, a built in sink, and some shelves.
I really like having a sink with a counter and cabinets, for storage. Before we only had a washtub.
We took the door off one of the cabinets so we have a place to store our laundry baskets.
Above the cabinets, we have baskets to store extra gloves, hats, and scarves. The children always seem to be leaving their things in the cars or at friend’s houses, so it is nice to have some back up.
You could read about How we Organize and do our Laundry here.

Doug and Sharon Heasley


  1. looks incredible, i wish my laundry room was 1/2 that size!

  2. You are so organized and I love it!!!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. That looks great!! Thanks for linking it up to my organizing Mission monday link party! I love seeing what you do with your large family. I am still trying to figure out a good shoe solution. I don't have a mud room or laundry room that is large enough. I only allow 1 pair of shoes in the small hall closet (yeah right!).

  4. I love the organization!- It's clean & beautiful. Are you willing to share where you got your shoe racks, or are they homemade??

  5. We got them from a garage sale, but we know you could get them at home centers with the closet organizers.

  6. wow..I love how you have everything in it's own I feel like organizing!

  7. I wanted to let you know I am going to be featuring you tomorrow in my Organizing Mission Monday! I don't see a button on your site to post in my sidebar. Do you have one? Let me know if you do, otherwise I'll use your text link.

  8. Very organized and so neat as a mom of four I clearly get it!

  9. Great Closet organization. It amazing how you keep it so neat!

  10. I try to keep it neat. It is nice to have a place for everything.

  11. I've been searching for a design online and I think your room is about the size of mine. Do you have room measurements? I'm wondering if I can get the same set up. It got me so excited and filled with hope to think that might work for me.

    1. I hope you received my message with the measurements. I still don't know how all these message are sent.


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