Blue Bathroom Makeover

The house I grew up in had two and a half baths all of which where what we called The Pink Bathroom, The Yellow Bathroom and The Blue Bathroom.  We helped renovate my parent’s house while hubby was out of work, and we were able to do just about all of it. Today we are gong to show you how we transformed The Blue Bathroom into this with a very limited budget.

IMG_1101 (2)

This is what the picture looked like before we did anything.

You could see it needed major updating. Blue floor and all!

2010-05 173

2010-05 174

We took apart the bathroom.


Here is a list of things we did to the bathroom:

  • Removed the wallpaper you could see that here.
  • Changed out the blue toilet
  • Covered the blue floor with a laminate. (This flows into a family room, where we put laminate also.) I will be showing that room soon.
  • Replaced the sink with a pedestal we found a neighbor’s garage sale while working on their house.
  • Painted the trim white.
  • Painted the walls a very basic beige.
  • Replaced the faucet.
  • Replaced the light fixture with one from a garage sale.
  • Replaced the toilet paper holder and towel holder.
  • Replace the curtains with a simple sheer.
  • Replace the medicine cabinet with a mirror my sister was getting rid of.

Blue Bathroom Makeover

Before and After from another angle.

Blue Bathroom Makeover 2

And a closer look at the mirror and lights.

Blue Bathroom Makeover 3

Here is a closer look at the floor we put in.

2010-05 054

The mirror and the light look so much nicer.

2010-05 055

My parents were very appreciative of us renovating their house.

So what do you think made the biggest difference?

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Blue Bathroom Makeover 4

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  1. Sharon,

    The bathroom looks great! LOL because in my house growing up we had a yellow bathroom and a blue bathroom and they're still yellow and blue!


    1. Alicia,
      That is funny! I wonder how many bathrooms are still those colors? I feel good every time we update a house. I feel like we are upgrading the neighborhood and stimulating the economy at the same time.

  2. Is this new paint gray or a shade of white? Could you tell me the name of it? Thanks Chris

    1. It is a shade of tan. My mom is not a gray fan and I don't have the color for it because it was a custom mix color. Sharon

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