Staining a Deck with Solid Color Stain

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2010-05 041
While my husband was out of work for a couple of years we flipped three homes and worked on some side jobs. One of the jobs we did was to renovate and update my parent’s house. Their deck was weathered and not looking too good.  Look at the before.
This is what it looked like after I cleaned it and used Sherwin-Williams Solid color stain on it. I have used other brand solid color stains before and they were more like a paint and peeled.
2010-05 044
It is really important to clean the wood very well. I actually used a bleach with water and a scrub brush. (I only used the bleach because there was a lot of mildew and I was outside, used rubber gloves, and wore protective clothing. Bleach is very toxic)
The wood looked almost like new after I was done.
cleaning a deck
The stairs before.
The stairs after.
2010-05 040
2010-05 041
I also used the stain on the utility boxes. Look at how nice they blend with the house.
painting a utility boxes
And I used the Stain on the air conditioner. It was a faded green and now matches the house and the deck.
Painting an Air Conditioner 3
A close up.
Here is the before and after of the deck.
Staining a Deck with a soild color stain
To see this house we re-stained go here.
Front 1 resized
It looks so much sharper now!
What do you think?
Could your deck use a make over?
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  1. Hahaha! As I scrolled down, I saw that line about staining the air conditioner and thought "no you did not..." Yes, you did. It looks great! All of it looks great. I just saw today in an old issue of This Old House about using color stain. I would love to do that to our outdoor staircases. Thanks for posting!

    Andrea L.

  2. The Sherwin-Williams stain is better than the Home Depot Behr brand. I used that on our swing set and it is peeling. A stain should wear away not peel. Thanks for following and commenting!

  3. Love it- Didn't even know that was an option! ... Gonna put this one on the to-do list when it doesn't feel like Hades Kitchen outside ;)

  4. You are going to love it. A roller works great for the flat surfaces.

  5. A spotless and kept up deck is the sole method to shield from having a deck which has decayed or one loaded down with termites sunshine coast

  6. At the point when considered a 'Hard-scape' improvement, the material determination for your deck ought to be thought about prior to going ahead.deck restoration sunshine coast


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