My Parent’s Bedroom Makeover

I am the 5th of twelve children myself.  My mother is having a hard time getting around for the past year. Her leg has been hurting and they live in a raised ranch and the stairs are getting hard on her. My parents would like to move soon to a ranch and their house needed some major updating. You see the only updating they did to their house was to add wall paper, paneling and kitchen cabinets twenty years ago or more.
During the summer while the children were off school and we had some extra time. We decided to help my parents out and renovate their house. We wanted to do this so when they need to put their house up for sale they will be get a better offer. We would really like them to move out by us.
We will be showing some of the things we did and how we did them. Most of them are great projects for a do it yourselfer.
This is my parents bedroom before we removed the wall paper and painted. I actually put the wall paper up for her, probably 25 years ago. (I never thought I would be the one taking it down) Unfortunately,  I did not take pictures of the during,  We used non-toxic Shaklee Basic H to remove the wall paper. I will be posting about how to do that soon. (I took pictures of another room.)
BEFORE  2010-05 154
AFTER    My parents decided to paint the furniture after the walls were done. We used Benjaman Moore, Shaker Beige.  We also encouraged her to declutter. 
2010-05 155
AFTER         We also painted the closet doors.
2010-05 156
Have you ever removed wallpaper?

How did it go?
Parents of a Dozen
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  1. Looks great! I love the white furniture.
    Bonnie :)

  2. Love that white furniture...looking for some of that for my girls room! Love your make over!

  3. looks amazing!!! the furniture really stands out now against the walls!

  4. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the white furniture. I've removed wallpaper before, but I scored the walls and used a wallpaper steamer I found at Home Depot. It was the best $50 I've ever spent.

  5. I heard it works great to score the walls first. The next time I think we will try scoring and steaming.

  6. Love the painted furniture! What color is it that you used? My daughter has the same set and I also want to paint it.

  7. The color is a creamy white I had color matched to the trim in my house. Sorry I don't know the color for you.

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