A Great Estate Sale Find, Used to Stage

One of my favorite finds this past year were these leather couches and matching leather recliner chair. We found them at an estate sale. We paid more than I normally would but we used them to stage a house we renovated and we plan to stage with them again. The pictures below are in our home.
 IMG_6586 IMG_6587
Normandy 522
Here is a picture of the couches in one of the houses we staged.
Normandy 488 Here is the room before we painted and refinished the mantle.
IMG_5339 Here is another family room we used these same couches to stage with. This family room is huge! (16’x22’)
IMG_0017 This is the before picture.
2010 001
What have you found lately?

Parents of a Dozen


  1. Fabulous! You must be Bonnies parents? I love your girl...and her blog:)

  2. I love what you have done with the room, it looks so much better, I love what you have done with that fireplace. The staging looks great too! Sorry I don't know much about caring for leather furniture!

  3. I found you from House of Grace. I have a hand-me-down leather couch that I love! Just use a spray on leather cleaner and a cloth to keep clean and supple. If people spend a lot of time sitting on them, the leather will stretch a bit, don't be surprised.

  4. Hi,

    Love the way you totally made over the room, it looks so fresh! I, too, have a leather couch and I was told by the salesperson that it will dry out a bit over time and to try to avoid putting it in direct sunlight. Also, I did not know before, but if you look closely enough you might be able to see stretch marks on the skin. Like the previous poster suggested, keep it supple. Hope this helps.

  5. Stopping by from Bonnie's blog...so glad to see you have one! Everytime I read her posts about you guys I think, "Her parents need a blog!!" It's amazing to me as a mom of 3 little ones that you have such a full house and manage to keep it so clean and organized. :)

  6. Hi! I know you can buy leather conditioner (from either a nice furniture dealer or maybe even a auto store?) and they say to apply that (rub it on) once a year or so. It will keep it subtle and breathable I think. I LOVE the set! How much did you get them for at the Estate sale? I never knew you could get such pretty things from estate sales. I saw you on TDC and so stopping by! If you have time come sneak a peak at my new blog! :-)

  7. Selina,
    Thank you for the information, and for stopping by.

  8. Visiting from TDC. We have the EXACT same couch and recliner! How funny! We bought it probably 6 years ago. I really like it. I know my husband purchased a leather cleaner kit, but we have never used it. We just wipe it down every once in a while. I did notice the other day it could use a good cleaning, so maybe I'll try to find that kit. I'll bet Basic H would work well too though. I've used Shaklee for probably close to 20 years now. Love it! What an incredible family you have!

  9. came over from TDC, love the before and after!


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