A Simple Way to Wrap Gifts!

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We are wrapping the Christmas gifts that we put under the Christmas tree this year with brown packaging, wrapping paper. I like the simple and pretty look of these gifts.

A Simple way to wrap gifts!

I bought a few rolls of these from the dollar store in a section with other delivery supplies. I used less than a roll to wrap all the gifts above. There is more paper on these rolls than most other wrapping paper.



We used these little gift cards that were made mostly by my mom and I have made some with my children as a fun craft. (Subscribe at the bottom of this post to see how to make them.) We keep them in this little wooden organizer. This keeps them very handy so I always have a little gift card easy to find. This is on a wall in a storage room in our basement where we keep our other gift bags, wrapping paper, bows and ribbons.


IMG_0020Most of the gifts we used hemp, which we already had, to tie the packages with and then punched a hole in the card and added it before we tied the final bow.





Some of them I added another kind of package embellishment or ribbon and attached the card with double sided sticky tape.














I love the simple but beautiful look of all the packages wrapped in this brown paper.

You could see another post that my daughter posted on her blog BeautyBlondie. She a real neat video on wrapping gifts.

Do you like the look?

What colors do you use for wrapping Christmas gifts?


Doug and Sharon Heasley
(Parents of a Dozen)

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  1. Thanks for this idea! I have a box that was too large for any left-over wrapping paper. Instead of running out to buy more, I used up a brown paper roll, as you did, to wrap the gift. Our post office doesn't take brown paper-wrapped boxes anymore, anyway. They say it always gets ripped up or torn off. So, I put that brown paper I've had forever to good use! I kind of like the natural and simple look it has to it.

    Thanks! Merry Christmas to you and your family!
    Andrea L.

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