Ordering New Reclining Sofas!

We ordered two reclining sofas the other day. Our couches we are  currently using in our family room, we bought new 20 years ago. We are addicted to reclining furniture!! BUT we are not fans of the recliner look. It took us a LONG time to find something we liked and in a fabric that was not too dark or too light. (We also have been saving for a long time.) We finally found this Lane Double Reclining Sofa that gives you the comfort of recliners but the look of a stationary sofa. This is the sofa we ordered, but not the fabric. This fabric is really a dark chocolate color. It looks lighter in this picture.
This is the fabric and the color of the couches we chose, if you could say that. Have you ever looked for furniture and found the colors look way different in your home than in the store? The lighting in the store makes it so hard to find a fabric. When we brought the sample home it was still hard to tell how it will look on a whole sofa because it was a little two inch by three piece of fabric.
This is another picture taken correcting for the florescent lights. This is a scary purchase not knowing how it is going to look in your home. We bought them at JCPenneys, which said if you get them into your home and you don’t like them, they will let you return the sofas. What a deal! (We are getting nothing for saying this or posting about these couches. I wish we were!)
The spot lights were not florescent which caused more color variation. We had samples of  the fabric of the reclining chairs we have and our paint color. We definitely need pillows to tie them altogether.
These are the pillows that come with the sofa. I am not sure how they will match everything or anything for that matter.
These are other pillow that JCPenney’s were selling. Which colors do you like the best? Or do you like any of them?



Do you like our choice of sofas?
Which color pillows do you like best?
Any suggestions or ideas?
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Doug and Sharon Heasley(Parents of a Dozen)
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