Fishing with the Younger Boys!

We have had the most unbelievable weather this past week, for the area where we live. All the plants are about a month ahead of schedule, the grass is green and we actually mowed our lawn this past weekend.

Last Friday we had a lot of rain and our boys collected probably 100 earthworms from the driveway, patio, and the sidewalks. They really wanted to go fishing and with the weather being so nice we decided to take the younger boys the the state park that is near our house to try our luck at fishing. We don’t really know much about it, but it was a nice outing and we all had fun.



It was very bright out that is why they are squinting in all the pictures.


Putting on his own worm! (Good thing I brought my Handy Wipes! lol!)


I sat and enjoyed the peaceful, beautiful day while watching the boys.




Yay! Thomas caught one!
He was happy even though it was not very big!

How is the weather by you?

What did you do to enjoy the nice weather? (If it was nice.)

Parents of a Dozen

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