Pottery Barn Inspired Wine Bottle Centerpiece!

I have been changing things up in our house and have been meaning to post about them. I have all kinds of pictures and have started several post but I get in the middle of one post and never finish it. While I write this one I realize I never wrote my follow up post on our new couches and our Craig's List table and chair finds. I will get to those soon, but for now I wanted to show you our new Pottery Barn inspired centerpiece.


I really love the Pottery Barn store, but …

I really can not afford to shop there so I get ideas of what they have and try to incorporate them into my décor some how. I like how they use wine bottles so I have used them in different ways at different times. I also like to use candles so I made this centerpiece.


This was a very easy centerpiece to make. I took several wine bottles, different sizes, shapes and colors., removed the labels, by soaking them in Basic H and hot water. Some labels came right off some needed to be scrubbed and there was one that was really sticky that I ended up using a little (olive) oil and a scrubby and then used hot water and Basic H. I have been adding green accents to our family room and kitchen so I chose some green bottles as well as some clear.


One of the bottles was actually from soy sauce and one was from syrup.


I placed the bottles on a platter with candles, added a few fresh cut flowers, and then I was done!


So simple and pretty!





Pottery Barn Inspired Centerpiece

You could see another centerpiece I used wine and beer bottles as part of our Christmas Decor HERE.

Do you like Pottery Barn?

Do you like our centerpiece?


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  1. I love how your family room is decorated--you have great taste! : )

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