Chandelier Redo

Lighting in and outside of a home, makes such a difference in style and atmosphere. By just spray painting a existing light fixture could make a dramatic change in a room.
This chandelier was picked up at a Salvation Army.

Before                                              After


We put this one in a master bedroom, which gives the room a finished, complete look.
Here is another chandelier that I picked up a Restore Shop.





I spray painted them with Rustoleum Metallic Oil Rubbed Bronze. I will usually hang the light fixtures in the garage with a hook to the ceiling and to the chain, of the light. Sometimes I will spray it on a drop cloth, getting all that is visible then letting it dry, flip it over and spray it from the other side. The key is, which ever way you do it, check it over extremely well for any missed spots, before hanging the light fixture.
This is another example of how to update light fixtures.
Doug and Sharon Heasley
Parents of a Dozen


  1. beautiful job! love them both!!

  2. Wowee! I was thinking "No Way!" That's an amazing transformation, but I should have known better, I have the same can of ORB in my basement!

    Love that you put a chandelier in your bedroom!

  3. I am a new follower. I love the way the chandeliers turned out, and your home is so neat and clean of clutter! I just love that! I love how such a simple project can make such and amazing transformation, and add so much to a room. Blessings <3 Paula

  4. Great job, your chandeliers look awesome!

  5. Wow, great post and re-do! I'm visiting from Green Door Designs Sat. Spotlight! Love the color change on both chandys... :)

  6. great redos... it is amazing how easily spray paint changes the look of something! Thanks for linking up to Saturday Spotlight!

  7. They look so good! That first one is especially amazing.

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