The Main Floor Renovation Part 3:The Hardwood Floors are Started

So we finally got our wood. We ordered it in November and just received it last Friday. The place we ordered it from was having trouble getting it from their supplier. It is not even the color we ordered. We hope we like it as much as the original color. We had to wait 72 hours for the wood to acclimate before we could start so we were able to work on it 3 days this week, and we have about half of it done.
Here is a picture of what we have done so far.IMG_9198

We still have to do the living room, the den, the foyer and the powder room, which means we have to remove the toilet and the sink, and then replace them.
We are having the Baptism next Saturday, so we have one week to finish the floor, replace all the trim, finish the steps, cut the doors down, redecorate, plan the menu, shop and make the food. We will see how much we get done. Oh, and continue to home school the kiddies, which I do while I am nursing my baby.
You could click on these links to see Part 1 and Part 2 of our renovations.

What do you think of the color?


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