Our Little Girl’s Baptism

The question is: Did we get everything done before the baptism? We were trying to finish Our Main Floor Renovation before the baptism. (See Part: One and Part: Two) Well, we had several more set backs. The biggest one is that I was not feeling well, I had an infection, that I think was related to the delivery, and put me out of commission for several days. We almost cancelled the party but then on Friday afternoon I was back to normal, but there wasn’t much time left to finish getting the house and food ready, since the Baptism was the next day. Of course, the family all pitched in, and the party was a success.
I will show you more of the renovation, hopefully later this week. 
On about the Baptism. Our girl is one month old and we had her Baptized Saturday.
Here is the dress she wore, which I made in sewing class when I was in high school, in hopes of having a girl some day. Who would have known I would have been able to use it five times?
Here she is with her Godparents and her Parents being baptized. IMG_9354 (2)
After the Baptism we were able to take some group shots. Here we are with our dozen children.IMG_9378
This is the whole clan, except for our Daughter-in-law who had to work. In the back row, are our parents, and our grandchildren are also in this picture.   IMG_9396 (2)
This is one of our Sons with his three Godchildren. You could tell how happy they are to be with him.(lol)IMG_9417
We also celebrated our Son-in-law’s and my Father-in-law’s birthdays.
Thank you for following.

Parents of a Dozen



  1. You all have such a beautiful family!!!! Her christening gown is soooo pretty. I cannot believe you made that in high school! Congratulations; you all are so blessed! :)

  2. That christening gown is lovely! And you made it in high school? How awesome is that?! All I made in high school was a lousy 3 piece green denim suit. UGH! LOL - Karen


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