Organizing for 2011

Having a large family is all the more reason why it is important to organize your house and try your hardest to stay organized. We have 2 children married and 10 children are still living at home, so with us parents that makes 12 in one house. That means we need to have space for everything that all twelve of us have or use. We need beds for 12, closet and drawer space for 12, and space for everything else each person has accumulated. With every passing Christmas and birthday’s there seems to always be more and more added into the house. We do try and clear out thing twice a year by having huge garage sales. Needless to say though, we still have to be very organized. Here are the posts I did on organizing in 2011. I am sure I will have more on this topic in 2012. Click on the title or the picture to read the complete post.

I use to hang on to everything just incase I might need it again someday, or I didn’t want to give it away even if I knew I would never use it again, because I knew how much it cost to buy new. I realized that I couldn’t keep on doing that. I couldn’t keep our house the way it needed to be, to say organized, and stay sane. When organizing it is important to clear out the unused. I was told once and I still try to go by this, only Hang onto something if:
1. You use it,
2. You really love it, or
3. It is beautiful.
Get rid of something if:
1. You haven’t used it in 2 years.
2. You don’t like it anymore, or
3.  It doesn’t fit.
I have learned a lot through the years, and a part of organizing is clearing out what you don’t need and arranging what you have in a manner that makes it easy to find.
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