A Great Way to Organize your Paint Colors

Have you ever opened a paint can after a couple of years, to touch up the walls, and the paint had dried out or was ruined and you couldn’t read the label to buy more?

Here is a great way to organize paint colors.  
When you have a can of paint mixed, ask for an extra label, attach it to the color swatch on a piece of paper, put into a plastic sleeve, and then in a folder. Mark what room it is for.

I did forget to have an extra label made for a couple of them. opps!
IMG_3049Here is a close up. Sorry about the bad pic.
If you ever have to get more paint, you will have the mixing label handy, without paint on it,  and you won’t have to bring the whole can with you. Also, this is nice to bring with you when picking out accessories for the room.
How many cans of paint do you have in your storage room?
We had way too many cans, see how we used the extras here.
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  1. Another great tip that I've read recently and started doing (although I'm now going to add the label to it per your suggestion) is to take an extra paint stirrer and dip it in the paint, allow it to dry and write the room and date on that. I've started my "collection" (haven't gone back to the paint cans that we're just storing for now) and it's working out great! I'd like to eventually drill holes at the end of the sticks and put them on a ring or something but leaving them in a jar on the workbench is working for now. Thanks for sharing! With all the re-dos you do I'm sure it's hard to keep track.


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