A New Family Photo and Thanksgiving!

How was your Thanksgiving? We had a great time with our parents, our children, and grandchildren over to our house for a feast. It was nice to have everyone together, and we were able to take a family photo.Family photo 2011-11

Here is our oldest daughter and her family,
2011 11 24_9032_thumb[1]
… our oldest son and his family,
both of our parents,
IMG_1954 IMG_1934
and Fr. Don, a friend of the family.
We set up the food and beverages up out in the garage, and serve buffet style. You could see more about how we organize and use our garage here.
IMG_2179We really like keeping everything out in the garage, it keeps our house nice and neat. If it is cold enough we leave the food out overnight and it is easy to go and fill a plate with leftovers to reheat in the toaster oven. (We don’t use a microwave.) Not to mention cleanup means just covering all the food.
This is a Taffy Apple Salad. (A family favorite.)
IMG_2171Cheese cake,
Pumpkin pie, IMG_2162 Apple pie,
Salad, and several other delicious dishes.

  We added some fall decorations.IMG_2168

IMG_2190 2011 11 24_9050[6]
2011 11 24_9047_thumb[1]
We all ate at tables throughout the main floor.

IMG_2201  Everyone was stuffed and had a great day!

We are thankful for our family!
How was your Thanksgiving?
Who did you spend the day with?
Did you do any Black Friday shopping? (This is the first year in a long time I stayed home.)
Parents of a Dozen


  1. My first time in a long time missing Black Friday as well and I did not miss it one bed. How could I? I was tucked nice and warm into my bed as opposed to braving the cold and dealing with a bunch of rude people after the same thing I am.. Ha! :) What a beautiful familiy you all have!

  2. Woops, that was supposed to say "I did not miss it one bit." :)


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