Bathroom Organization

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Storage is always and issue for our family in every room. Keeping things simplified is one of the things we try to do. The more things you have, the more things you have to store. We have garage sales twice a year, one in the spring and one in the fall. I find that having a garage sale encourages us to go through everything the best we could. It is important to keep things neat and clean, even in the bathroom.

Here is our master bathroom. I like to keep it as neat as possible with nothing on the counters. I chose brown for the walls because I like the contrast against the white, and we get plenty of light in there.
I must have different watt bulbs in the light fixture. lol (I didn’t notice this before.)
You could see how we framed the mirror here.
We added this cabinet over the toilet for extra storage.
Here is where we keep some essentials.
Inside we have extra rolls of toilet paper, hair spray, lotion, contact solution, and baby care products. We use these safe non-toxic personal care products.
This is the natural skin care system we use. I have been using this line for over 10 years now. I like to take care of something I will have with me for the rest of my life not just until the styles change. People tend to spend money on clothes and accessories to help them look good. Why  wouldn’t someone want to spend a little on some high quality, natural, products to help them look good for the rest of their life. Everyone sees your face all the time. I truly feel these are the best ones on the market. To read more about these products click here.
Here are the hair spray, lotions, and baby products.
Under this cabinet we have our natural cleaners, wash clothes, and bath toys. Also these storage drawers are great to keep small miscellaneous items.
IMG_3297 Here we keep our extra towels and other miscellaneous items.
IMG_3346  This  is what we keep in our top drawer.
We have some more bath toys we keep in this drawer.
Hair items are kept in this drawer.
The basket on the left holds my blow dryer, and my makeup, for easy access.
The key is to keep it simple, throw out or donate what you don’t need. Keep only the things you use. 
We only use the safest products, which eliminates a lot of extra bottles.
One cleaner takes the place of so many.
Do you organize your cabinets?

I really like to see other peoples ideas. I am always getting ideas to help us out.
To see how we keep our hall bath organized click the picture below.
Have a nice day!
Parents of a Dozen

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  1. That's interesting. . .we have the exact same vanity in our master and I've thought many times about framing it -- now I know what it would look like! One of those small 3-drawer plastic things fits perfectly between the sinks and so I have that out and keep make-up and hairbows and such in that. We don't have the over-toilet storage but those bottom two drawers are so deep that I can stand up our contact solution, lotions, etc. in there. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Where did you get the clean containers in the cabinet above the toilet? I have found one at the goodwill but have not had any luck finding anymore. Your bathroom is so organized!

    Sarah from The House That Ag Built

    1. I got the clear containers from my mom when she was clearing out her house. Goodwill is probably your best bet. Thank you for stopping by.

    2. Where did you get the over commode cabinet

    3. I bought the cabinet at a garage sale, but they could be bought at a home center like Home Depot. Thank you for stopping by!


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