The Best Projects of 2011

This is sad to say, but after a year of blogging I feel we are still noobies. (lol)  I feel  like I have to ask someone, often, about how to do several things concerning blogging. One of my goals for this year is to try and improve my blog and blog knowledge. I also need to improve my time management. Even when I use a schedule, it is really hard to follow because of all the unexpected things that come up in our busy life.
Here are some of our projects that we posted in 2011.  I hope you enjoy looking at them and I hope you leave some comments. I really enjoy reading what people have to say!
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Railing Makeover
My Parent’s Bedroom Makeover
My Parent’s Family Room Renovation
My Parent’s Kitchen Renovation
IMG_1111 (2)
How to Frame a Bathroom Mirror
Our Main Floor Renovation: Part 1
Our Main Floor Renovation:Part 2
Our Stairs Refinished
Painting an Unfinished Basement
Exterior Painting
[Front 1 resized[2].jpg]
A Kitchen Makeover
How to Epoxy a Garage Floor
2009 082
How we Installed a Brick Patio
My Parent’s Pink Bathroom Renovation
2010-05 059
Thank you for your interest and for following along. We still have a lot to learn and are excited for the new year.
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Please leave the link to your favorite projects of 2011 in the comments section so I could check them out.
Let’s bring on the new year with several new projects, 2012.
Which of our projects do you like the best?
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